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Welcome to the EEO Case Management Center - a resource for EEO practitioners. 

In the EEO blog you will find answers to commonly asked questions along with articles on best practices, amongst other things. We would also encourage you to explore the icomplaints, integrated document management and EEO case management sections for information on how to get the most out of icomplaints. Lastly, in the Training and Resources sections there is a wealth of information on opportunities to get together with and learn from the MicroPact EEO experts. If there is something that you would like to see added to this section, please let us know.

Dale Bird icomplaints Certification

Advance Your EEO Career with icomplaints Certification

MicroPact is pleased to announce our icomplaints certification program. This five-course suite of classes enables EEO professionals to obtain formal certification with icomplaints, the software that manages over 95% of EEO claims across the federal government. These certifications are a valuable professional credential that you can add to your resume, demonstrating that you have the critical skills needed to manage and report on the EEO process using icomplaints.

The Impact of icomplaints at the US Navy

Inquiries and Performance Data handled in a fraction of the previous time.

A mountain of manual paperwork was leaving the Navy high and dry in managing workforce complaints-until icomplaints was launched.

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