90% of federal EEO claims are managed with icomplaints

Complaint Tracking Software

Take control of your EEO Complaint Process with icomplaints.

MicroPact introduced icomplaints in 2002. Over the ensuing 10 years, icomplaints has become the standard for federal EEO case management.

Developed specifically to manage the EEO process and generate the Form 462 annual report, icomplaints includes a number of critical features required by government agencies and departments for tracking and managing EEO complaints and cases. Its robust set of business rules ensures compliance with EEOC MD-110, EEOC reporting requirements and 29 CFR 1614. All of these capabilities are provided through a highly automated interface that provides exceptional 'point and click' ease of use while minimizing maintenance needs.

Simply Manage, Track, Support – and Save

With its attention to tracking every potential nuance and variable in the case management lifecycle, icomplaints provides complete assurance that every step in the EEO process has been followed, while providing huge gains in productivity for your agency.

  • In opening a new case file, icomplaints starts by defining the type of case.
  • icomplaints integrates easily with existing personnel systems to do look-ups and pull case-related information required for tracking.
  • Case numbers and counselors are easily assigned.
  • Status tracking is quickly set up by creating and maintaining a schedule of processing events, complete with automatic event-related messages and alerts.
  • Claims, events, corrective action, documents and statutes are all predefined in the system and can be individually updated and searched.
  • Automatically track all data entry, updates or modifications, while controlling data errors.
  • Generate all standard reports quickly – including EEO Form 462 – in just one to two weeks.

Modules and Add-Ins

icomplaints also includes a number of modules that extend functionality, add flexibility and streamline the EEO case management process:

The icomplaints Quality Review Management (QRM) module introduces quality report reviews and assessments for the 462 Report. Specifically, this software runs a Checklist Report to determine which sections of the Report would pass or fail if submitted to the Government. It reports the variance information down to the individual complaint.

The No FEAR Reporting Module provides complete pre-formatted screens and data elements to capture required information quickly and to produce the No FEAR report at a variety of levels and in a range of output formats.

The icomplaints Executive Dashboard Module provides dynamic graphical and roll-up views of case activity, which leads to better understanding of EEO program performance trends.

The icomplaints efile module is a Web-based user interface providing an automated method for complainants to enter basic information about their complaints, as well as check the status of the review process. The module enforces uniform data entry into icomplaints so that Reviewers receive the data in a format that is ready for action.

The escan Module allows your staff to directly upload documents from a scanner to a particular case file within icomplaints, giving you more time to focus on processing and resolving complaints.

If you  are interested in more detailed information on a module or demo, or to see if there is a trial version available, contact our Customer Relations team.

MicroPact and icomplaints have revolutionized the entire way we track and process complaints. We have all the information we need right at our fingertips, so we’re able to easily track every aspect of the pre-complaint and formal complaint process.

Jamie Kajouras, Deputy Program Director, Office of EEO and Diversity Management, US Navy