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Understanding End User Computing Scenario

How to keep users productive through 2018 – Gartner IT Expo 2013

October 9, 2013 | EventsOpen ArchitectureAnalystsAgile Development

Nexus of Forces (Cloud, Mobile, Social and Information) are causing disruptions across the technology landscape and forcing business models to rapidly adapt to a painful transition from IT-centric computing to an ecosystem more and more focused on end-user needs and expectations. Companies need to understand these changing end-user needs to create differentiating products and to stay ahead of the competition. Gartner Research VPs Stephen Kleynhans and Leslie Fiering gave some great business tips on how to keep end users productive through 2018. Read More

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Sandeep Khare

Video: Mike Cerniglia Explains the Evolution of entellitrak

How Dynamic Case Management’s Application Architecture Differs from BPM

June 7, 2013 | Case Management/BPMOpen Architecture

Rapid application development platforms must be flexible enough to accommodate the wide array of business patterns that exist within today’s organizations, and powerful enough to let experts focus on the tasks that add value. In this short video, MicroPact CTO Mike Cerniglia relates how the OMG’s UML standard is a superior fit for handling the dynamic nature of case management applications. Read More

Java developer builds and launches platform independent open source office suite in 30 days

Rapid Application Development Platforms Accelerate Success

May 24, 2013 | Open ArchitectureRapid Application DevelopmentAgile Development

We do love the power of Java. NetworkWorld reported yesterday that a freelance Java developer took only 30 days to build and launch a basic open source office suite that runs on multiple OSes. Read More

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Bob Ragsdale