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NASCIO’s State CIO Top Ten Priorities

Secure Digital Delivery of Citizen Services More Important than Ever

December 18, 2018 | Cloud ComputingPrivacy and SecurityIT ModernizationCase Management/BPM

The National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) recently published their annual list of State CIO Top 10 Priority Strategies, Management Processes and Solutions. We take a look at what has changed for 2019 – and what hasn’t. Read More

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Bob Ragsdale

How Loose Is Your Command and Control?

Tighten It Up With an Investigative Case and Records Management System

September 8, 2017 | Justice and Law EnforcementPrivacy and SecurityIT Modernization

Criminal tactics are more sophisticated than ever, yet much investigative casework is still conducted either manually or using a patchwork of siloed systems. That leaves LEOs and detectives vulnerable to exposure in two key areas. Read More

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Skip Bland

Put Cloud Security Concerns to Bed by Encrypting Data at Rest

Once Out of Reach, DAR Protection Is Now Affordable

December 13, 2016 | Cloud ComputingPrivacy and Security

Read any analyst or research report — cloud adoption estimates continue to skyrocket. In a recent roundup of cloud computing forecasts, Forbes reported that the cloud market reached $110 billion in 2015 and is growing at 28% annually. A recent MeriTalk study found that public sector cloud adopters are now “stepping on the gas.” Read More

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Michelle LaLumia