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3 Ways to Empower Your Partner Community

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By: Brian Combs

June 11, 2019 | PartnersCase Management/BPM

Building a successful software channel requires investing in the partner experience along with offering state-of-the-art technology. To that end, MicroPact invites our Global Alliance Partners to join us quarterly to share ideas and build relationships with our team. These forums equip our partners to accelerate sales, smooth implementations, and support their customers. Our latest Global Enablement forum was an example of how we use these gatherings to empower our partner community. 

  1. Bring Them Up to Speed on the Latest Product Enhancements.
    Bringing your partners together provides an opportunity to show off whatever is new and improved in your products. In our May forum, SVP of Platform Technologies Mike Cerniglia took partners on a deep dive of entellitrak 3.30, the latest release. He explained how the new Service Bundles will allow for more organized development, how the Application Manager helps developers use the Service Bundles effectively, and how the new Platform Server reduces complexity and cost while ensuring system compatibility. Mike also showed off recent UX enhancements. All of these new features had been announced, but the forum gave partners a chance to see them first-hand. The opportunity to hear from the experts and ask questions directly is a key value for the partner community. 
  2. Ensure They Are Using All the Tools at their Disposal.
    It is also critical to give your partners tools to help them be successful. These tools may come in many forms. Some examples include sales training, co-marketing opportunities, or technical certifications. Because MicroPact Global Alliance partners often build applications on the MicroPact entellitrak® platform in order to meet their customers’ needs, we took the opportunity to reveal some innovations on the development side that will help them accelerate their time to revenue. 

    First, Mark Hubbard, VP of Solutions Management, introduced the entellitrak Marketplace, an online portal where partners can access a full repository of community-contributed, MicroPact certified templates, components, and reusable code that can be used in any new or existing entellitrak application to dramatically accelerate development. Then, Chatch Noiwan, VP of Strategic Initiatives, walked through the Product Kit, a collection of patterns, templates, best practices, and training that makes it possible to quickly develop repeatable, white-labeled products based on the entellitrak platform.
  3. Give Them Current Examples of Real-World Successes. 
    Your partners need to be motivated and inspired—and what better way to do that than to show them examples of what your other partners have achieved? Celebrate your partners’ successes publicly to encourage others to reach their goals as well. For example, we invited Aarti Smith, CEO of Chainbridge Solutions, to present on how Chainbridge leverages entellitrak, maximizes their resources, and has developed a thriving, cooperative relationship with MicroPact. The other attendees came away with ideas for how to work better with us, and also how they might work with Chainbridge in the future. 

The May Global Alliance Enablement forum gave us a chance to interact with our customers and build relationships with them. The topics covered were designed to help them extend their business by deploying a world-class low-code case management solution based on the entellitrak platform. As a key component of our Global Alliance program, these events empower our partner community to be successful. 

If you are interested in giving your organization the connections, skills, and expertise to deliver the technology that’s transforming government, reach out to learn more about the MicroPact Global Alliance.

About the Author

Brian Combs is the VP of Global Alliances at MicroPact. He brings over 20 years of contract management, business operations, program management, and entrepreneurship to his role.