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5 Common Errors to Watch for in Your 462 Report

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By: Dale Bird

September 26, 2019 | Human CapitalEEO

MicroPact solutions process 90% of federal EEO claims, and are instrumental in helping government agencies run and submit their EEO 462 Report. Here are five common errors that EEO practitioners see when running the 462 Report, and what to do about them.  

1. Part VIII Complaints Pending Does Not Equal 2.i Pending
If you get this failure, the first thing to look into is Part VIII. How many cases are counting in more than one status? If you haven’t put in an acknowledgement letter, for example, and you have put in Claims Accepted, the case will be pending in more than one status. Identify where the system may be double-counting.

2. Part VI.D FAD Merit Closures
Part VI.D should equal Part B1 + B2. In this instance FADs are issued with no judge involved. Why did you issue the FAD?

  • They elect a FAD (Request for FAD)
  • No election (Agency Request for FAD)
  • An AJ tells you to do the FAD (AJ Order FAD)

You must close the case with a FAD Merit. The error indicates that you are missing one of the three entries above.

3. Part X Informal ADR Closures
Most of the time, this failure indicates that you have forgotten to enter an end date for an ADR case. The system is looking at the number of times ADR was accepted (B.4). If someone accepts ADR, whether you mediate with them or not, you have to enter an ADR end. EEOC wants to know the number of days from the Accept to the End. E.1 must equal B.4

4. Part I and XI Settlement Failures
Verify that the cases have the correct FY for each Corrective Action. Most likely the case has last year’s FY and will not count in the current FY report.

5. Part III and Part XII Failures
These have nothing to do with case data, but rather the number of resources in your agency. If you are getting failures here, go into the Resources tab. Go to the 462 data tab and manually fill out the number of resources for parts 3 and 12 for the FY and Agency. However, you can ignore 3 and 12 errors until the end of the year. 

Keep your eyes open for these easily-remedied failures in order to keep your 462 Report season running smoothly.

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About the Author

Dale Bird has managed product strategy, development, training, and support for ICOMPLAINTS, the MicroPact software used to process 90% of federal EEO claims, for more than a decade. He has been instrumental in fostering the company’s EEO user forums and community, including the annual 462 Symposium. Dale is a U.S. Army retiree.

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