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A Pi(e), and a Platform, Configurable to Your Needs

A Shameless Piece of Low Code Application Development Platform Promotion

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By: Lisa Sigler

March 14, 2019 | Holidays and ObservancesCase Management/BPM

Happy 3.14 Day! While most Pi Day festivities are centered around the delightful dessert pie, we must not forget the common, everyday workhorse of pies: the pizza. Not only is pizza delicious, it is also flexible enough to fit almost any taste—making it a perfect metaphor for MicroPact’s entellitrak platform for case management.

A Pi(e), and a Platform, Configurable to Your Needs

A Good Foundation Is the Key

If you want a good pizza, you have to start with a good crust. You have to balance the flavor and the consistency—bland, “cardboard” crust does not make for a good experience. Similarly, if you want a good case management experience, you need to start with a good foundation. For government agencies, that foundation is entellitrak, a low-code application development platform for case management and business process management. Its streamlined, Data-First approach scales from the local office to the enterprise, giving everyone in your organization the ability to accurately capture, track and report on the data that drives operations forward. 

Add Exactly What You Want

Pizza isn’t really pizza if it is just a crust, however, and entellitrak doesn’t show its true power until you start adding and creating the applications that work for you. Like the specialty pizzas on a restaurant’s menu, MicroPact offers Application Accelerators that pre-package best practices, business rules, and terminology to speed implementation and reduce resource requirements. Or, you can create your own “sauces and toppings”—the applications for a unique configuration to meet your business needs.

Easy to Enjoy and Easy to Share

Pizza is easy. It’s not terribly hard to make, and it’s even easier to order—especially when you’re feeding a group. It even comes pre-sliced! entellitrak makes life easy, too. It features platform independent, open architecture to make it easy to develop applications, deploy the platform, and integrate with other systems. And once it is implemented, entellitrak makes it easy for organizations to collaborate and share data.

So, however you are celebrating Pi Day, don’t forget to spare a thought for pizza—and for the reliable, configurable entellitrak platform. And don’t eat too much – I think 3.14 pieces would be just about right. Happy Pi Day.

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Lisa Sigler is a Senior Content Marketer with MicroPact.