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Answering Your Questions about Partner Sales Enablement

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By: Sherri Eden

February 5, 2020 | Partners

Having spent the majority of my career as a Business Development Executive, my favorite aspect of the MicroPact Global Alliance program is supporting the sales efforts of our partner community. However, potential partners don’t always understand exactly how that will work.  While the most common question they have is, “What’s the immediate benefit to our company’s bottom line?” here are some of the other questions that tend to come up.

What do you mean by “Global Alliance Program”?
The program provides partners with the opportunity to learn what Entellitrak can do for a client, how to sell and implement Entellitrak, and then how to build a business around their Entellitrak practice.

When an organization enters the program, we invest in them with not only technical training, but sales and marketing support and resources. We view our partners as an extension of our sales team, and give them access to the same training, collateral, SMEs, and product knowledge that we provide for our own team members.

And you get me, a Global Alliance Manager, to advise you on how to get started in your Entellitrak practice with counsel specific to your solution vertical. I will assist in the development of joint go-to-market plans. I will also help you get connected to internal channels from opportunity capture through award.

Yeah, yeah, every channel program provides training and resources. I’m a BD focused on my own pipeline and company training. What makes this worth my time?
The program provides partner sales teams the opportunity to understand the value proposition of Entellitrak in various verticals through collaboration with our solutions/portfolio business development executives, each of whom is an expert in a specific domain.

As your GAM, I’m your champion within Tyler Technologies. After learning of your organization’s clientele, technical practice, and strategic growth initiatives, I then develop a program recommendation for your organization. This recommendation is an evaluation of how your organization can best benefit from the program. For example, if the bulk of your public sector clientele is healthcare oriented, I will connect you with our healthcare-focused sales team. Next, I will host an overview and solution vertical planning session, after which I will gather feedback from both sides of the partnership on next steps. I’ll be available to help you with strategy, coordinate proposal collaboration, help arrange prototypes, and even go with you to onsite client meetings if we think it is needed.

Fine, but what does our relationship look like long-term?
The program continues to support partner sales effort through co-marketing, tech talks, sales-focused forums, access to leadership, transparent Entellitrak modernization knowledge, and previews of the Entellitrak roadmap.

Long-term, we want our relationship to be mutually beneficial and result in incremental revenue.

So you’re going get me a meeting with your VP & co-workers, right?
That sounds like a great step for a new partner. smile

Do you have any questions that my hypothetical partner prospect didn’t ask? Check out our Global Alliance Partner program details.

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Sherri Eden has more than a decade of experience developing and executing marketing strategies for public sector organizations that advance their mission and objectives. She has a bachelor’s degree in integrated strategic communications from the University of Kentucky.