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Best Practices for 462 Season with icomplaints

Helpful Hints to Make 462 Reporting Easier

September 25, 2015

As we ready ourselves for 462 season, we thought it would be helpful to send along some helpful hints and best practices to keep in mind at this time.

At all times:

  • To avoid data discrepancies it is wise to continually validate the data in icomplaints.

September best practices:

  • Run the full 12 part report for your agency.
  • If you have FY14 QRM (Quality Reporting Module) run the checklist to determine if any data issues exist. Note: FY15 QRM will be released in the near future, running the FY14 QRM will reveal data issues you can resolve now.
  • If you do not have QRM, run your numbers and enter the 462 data into last year's 462 Excel Tool to see if there are any data failures to be addressed. There will be a new FY 2015 Excel Tool for this year. EEOC is still testing and validating the new version.

Additional items to consider:

  • Double check 462 Mappings. They can be located on the Reference Table screen while logged in with an Administrator account.
  • Some 462 dates are after closure date.
    • We don't count 462 entries if they occur after the case has been closed. Ensure all 462 events occur before the closure.
  • The 462 Reference guide shows what criteria must be or must not be in the case to appear there. This is a valuable reference tool.
  • Sometimes conflicting entries will be in a case:
    • Both AJ Decision Fully Implemented and AJ Not Fully Implemented. Only one should be entered after an AJ Decision event.
    • Complainant requested a FAD after the Investigation but, the closure event shows (462: Final Order) and that is for a case that had an AJ Decision. The closure should be an (462: FAD Merit).
  • If a Complainant requests a FAD, or if the Agency Request for FAD events occur, the closure should be a FAD-Merit. Not Final Order.
  • Final Order closure should only be used if and AJ Decision event has been entered.
  • Closure events of Withdrawal, Settlement and Notice of Right to File are all timeliness events. They will show if the case is on time for the 462 report.
    • If the agency is close to settlement but, they have not executed the agreement in 90 days, they must issue the Right to File a Formal complaint by the 90th day.
    • The case may settle the case after the NRTF and this can be accomplished through the events tab, Informal Closure > Settlement.

We hope your 462 season goes smoothly

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