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MicroPact Hosts Inaugural entellitrakĀ® Case Management Investigations Forum

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By: Gary Walker

May 27, 2015 | Case Management/BPM

MicroPact's inaugural entellitrak Investigations Forum

MicroPact's inaugural entellitrak Investigations Forum

Representatives from more than a dozen federal agencies that currently use entellitrak® Investigative Solutions recently gathered at MicroPact’s corporate headquarters for the inaugural entellitrak Investigations Forum.

MicroPact launched the Forum to foster knowledge sharing and networking within the entellitrak investigative community and to gather input to help guide the direction of entellitrak product development. The day-long symposium featured comprehensive product demonstrations, user training guidance, panel discussions, and details on the entellitrak product development roadmap.

A second entellitrak Case Management Investigations Forum is scheduled for October 14, 2015. Save the Date.

By bringing federal investigators, critical support staff and program managers together with members of the MicroPact team, the Forum provided the perfect environment for forward-thinking professionals to discuss the very real challenges and opportunities facing investigators today.

Investigations Require Case Management

Over the years, MicroPact has worked with investigators at most top federal agencies to provide them with advanced case management solutions designed to drive optimal outcomes.

The entellitrak® platform, which takes a Data-First™ approach to Case Management, supports the critical missions that drive investigative work—from criminal investigations and program integrity to statistical analysis and evidence management. As a COTS enterprise Case Management and BPM platform, entellitrak supports a broad spectrum of investigative processes.

From case intake and decision to investigate to records tracking and case closure, entellitrak Investigation Solutions empower federal agencies to do what needs to be done. In addition to these standard comprehensive functions, the solutions can include any explicit agency, regulatory, or other specific requirements.

entellitrak’s fully integrated Document Management, Mobile, Natural language Analytics, escan, and efile modules provide intelligent on-ramps and off-ramps so that users can manage the myriad of data types associated with investigative work.

Show & Share with entellitrak Users

The open exchange of ideas – from best practices to functionality of an agency’s entellitrak system – was eye-opening and quite valuable for all of us at the Forum. For MicroPact, hearing great ideas and insights directly from entellitrak users allows our team to improve on the solutions we deliver to so many federal agencies.

In fact, the time we spent at the Forum discussing agency entellitrak systems was particularly useful to all attendees. We brought in the front-line experts from MicroPact’s Professional Services team in order to show some great details about how systems function, and more importantly, how each system delivers the results every agency demands.

We plan to do more of these system demonstrations at the next Forum so if you have a feature or function you’d like to show off to your peers in the investigative community, don’t hesitate to contact me directly we’ll try to make it happen.

Public Safety and Program Integrity Focus

MicroPact is committed to empowering all entellitrak users who are charged with conducting or managing all types of investigations and law enforcement actions.

In doing so, MicroPact stays attuned with the public safety and program integrity community through its liaison relationships, ongoing research and collaboration with subject matter experts, and regular attendance at conferences and events by MicroPact public safety and program integrity experts.

MicroPact also provides agency-specific case management and records management solutions that deliver the capabilities needed, address most shortcomings, and enable agencies to better collect, report, manage, and extract data associated with all operational activities conducted by law enforcement officials. entellitrak has proven to be an ideal solution for agencies seeking to implement first-time capability, as well as a powerful option to replace legacy case management and records management systems. 

MicroPact’s agile methodology for entellitrak deployments allow the experts to not only be experts in what they do, but it also incorporates the client’s expertise into MicroPact’s Data-First approach for design, development, and testing.

About the Author

Gary Walker was a member of the MicroPact Justice and Law Enforcement team from 2013-2019.