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CITO Research Report Focuses on Embedded Natural Language Analytics

MicroPact and entellitrak Featured Prominently in Business Intelligence Research

December 9, 2013 | Company NewsData and Analytics

New York, N.Y. – December 9, 2013 – CITO Research has published a new report titled “Search-Based, Natural-Language Analytics: Because That’s How End-Users Think” that examines the use and importance of embedded natural-language analytics in Business Process Management (BPM) and case management software applications. Through embedded analytics, users are empowered to make real-time, data-driven decisions without submitting requests for reports to be created by an organization’s IT department.

CITO Research, a leading provider of forward-looking research for CIOs and CTOs, specializes in the analysis of IT management, application development, cloud computing and mobile technologies.

“Business Intelligence, which is incredibly vital to all enterprises, is so much more valuable when it can be accessed in real time without involving the IT department, “ said Dan Woods, CTO of CITO Research. “We found that embedded analytics is what the enterprise user needs to really leverage the data they already have in their hands.”

While traditional BI systems require reports to be created and often limit users to predefined sets of questions, embedded natural-language analytics tools are inspired by the types of questions people typically ask in plain language. In the report, CITO Research highlights MicroPact’s entellitrak platform and how its use of embedded analytics makes BPM and case management applications more effective.

Key findings from report:

  • The future of analytics lies in embedded tools that support conversations between end-users and data instead of delivering canned answers to predetermined questions.
  • End-users interact best with analytics systems that imitate the way humans learn and act. Enterprises need intuitive and embedded analytics tools designed to complement how end-users think and work.
  • Self-service BI systems are necessary for more effective BPM and case management solutions. Enterprises cannot afford to wait up to six months for a BI report to be created by IT.

“This research validates the thinking behind entellitrak’s Natural Language Analytics Module, which continues to build off our Data-First ™ approach to dynamic case management,” said Kris Collo, CEO, President and Founder of MicroPact. “We want to put more information and more power into the hands of entellitrak users in order for them to make better business decisions.”

Download the full report here: Search-Based, Natural-Language Analytics: Because That’s How End-Users Think.

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