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Collaboration, Unity, and Working Together Highlight NOBLE 2018

Lessons Learned from Our Conversations with Law Enforcement Professionals at NOBLE

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By: Morgan Shannon

August 13, 2018 | Justice and Law Enforcement

Another NOBLE Conference is in the books. Every year I walk away more impressed with the dedication and the passion of the State, Local, Federal, and Military Law Enforcement personnel in attendance, and this year was no exception. Every conversation and presentation centered on the theme of the conference: “A NOBLE Focus on Collaboration and Unity.” It gave my colleagues and I, all former law enforcement professionals, a real view into how today’s challenges are being addressed in our communities.

Skip Bland (Left) and Morgan Shannon (Right) at NOBLE 2018

I had the great fortune to step away from our booth to attend a few educational workshops and panels during the conference. It was interesting to hear the experts in the field, who are out on the front lines, describe their experiences, successes, and their ongoing efforts to impact the Law Enforcement profession, their staffs, and citizens throughout the country. The panel session on how police departments, private industry, and non-profits like the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children are all working together to recognize, manage, and put an end to human trafficking in their local communities was particularly eye-opening.

In addition to the outstanding breakout sessions, the exhibit hall provided a great space for deep conversations about new and emerging trends in law enforcement technology. We were also fortunate to discuss specific agency technology needs, wants and requirements. These conversations were paramount in getting a baseline understanding of the challenges each precinct, office, or agency faces. In many cases, attendees were seeking a case management software system that their agency could leverage, whether it was starting from scratch, replacing a legacy system, or filling in a few gaps and improving efficiencies. Those conversations gave us an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the power and depth of the MicroPact entellitrak® platform, which is ideal for a secure records management, and aligning a CJIS.  

Now for the MicroPact Justice and Law Enforcement Team, the real work begins. That means getting the right solutions into the hands of law enforcement professionals so that they can do their jobs better, without being bogged down in outdated technology or old paper-based systems.

If we were unable to connect with you at NOBLE, and you would like to schedule a demo, please contact me directly, or explore our justice and law enforcement solutions. Perhaps next year your precinct will be the talk of the 2019 NOBLE Conference in New Orleans!

About the Author

Morgan Shannon was a member of the MicroPact Justice and Law Enforcement team from 2017 - 2019

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