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Empower Your Partners Through Training and Certification

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By: Lisa Anthony

November 26, 2019 | Partners

Make the Training Meaningful
First and foremost, you have to ensure that it is in a partner’s best interest to take advantage of whatever training you make available. Your training options must lead to practical outcomes. For example, you could offer training that helps your partners improve customer outcomes, decrease development time, build efficiencies through best practices, increase project success—or all of the above.

Here at MicroPact, our training and certification programs provide robust training on the entellitrak platform. This enables our partners to design, develop, and maintain best-in-class entellitrak solutions. The program offers 4 certifications:

  • Certified Administrator: Recognizes administrators who have the knowledge and skill to successfully manage the entellitrak security model and define system preferences for the entellitrak platform.
  • Certified Business Analyst: Recognizes business analysts who have the knowledge and skills to successfully perform analysis for entellitrak platform projects starting from project initiation through implementation.
  • Certified Report Engineer: Recognizes reporting engineers who have the knowledge and skills to successfully perform, design, and develop advanced reports for the entellitrak platform.
  • Certified Developer: Recognizes developers who have the technical expertise and have demonstrated skill to develop and deploy robust scalable applications with the entellitrak platform.

These certifications are not only good for our partner organizations, but they also indicate the professional development of the individuals who earn them.

Make the Training Easy
Your partners are busy. If your training offerings aren’t easy to access and complete, your partners may not make the effort. MicroPact has streamlined the certification process to these four basic steps:

  1. Create an account in the Learning Management System (LMS)
  2. Take the appropriate training for the desired Certification
  3. Complete the entellitrak Certification Basics course
  4. Complete the specific entellitrak Certification course which may include knowledge check, knowledge exam, and work product

It’s simple, but it’s not watered-down: Global Alliance partners have access to the same world class trainers as employees and clients.

Make the Training Personal
To truly empower partners, however, training can’t be one-size-fits-all. Consider offering role-based training to ensure each individual within the partner organization gains the essential skills to sell, manage, develop, or deploy your offering as it applies to their specific role.

To accomplish this, MicroPact offers instructor-led courses monthly, either in person at our office in Herndon, Virginia, or virtually for out-of-state individuals.

Make the Training Rewarding
Make it as rewarding as possible for partners to take full advantage of the resources available to them. Of course, your training and certification offerings empower them to create new revenue streams—but it helps if you add a little more to motivate them. For example, we award our partners points in the Global Alliance Program for each individual who completes Certification or Advanced Training.

Accumulating program points assists in elevating our partners within the Global Alliance Program levels. As they reach higher levels, they receive programmatic benefits such as license discounts, dedicated resources, and executive sponsorship.

The extensive training we offer enables our Global Alliance partners to differentiate their practice by creating domain specific applications, platform extensions, and/or white labeled solutions powered by entellitrak. By preparing your partners to be self-sufficient, you also can empower them to create new streams of revenue and expand their business.

Learn more about the MicroPact Global Alliance Program.

About the Author

Lisa Anthony has over 15 years of experience in both sales and ISV/SI alliance management, specializing in federal and public sector markets. As a Global Alliance Manager, she drives partner-led business development opportunities across MicroPact’s multiple portfolios, through new and expanded strategic partnerships.