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entellitrak Certified Developers Work Smarter, Not Harder

Want to Leverage the Platform to Its Fullest? Get Certified.

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By: Michelle LaLumia

February 26, 2018 | Case Management/BPMTraining

Earlier this year MicroPact launched its first certification program for entellitrak® developers. Open to any Java developer, the in-depth program validates that developers understand the entellitrak platform and know how best to leverage everything it has to offer.

Recently I spoke with some of the first developers to complete the certification. Long-time MicroPact team members Ophelia Chesley (eight years) and Isabelle Fangyen (10 years) are both senior application engineers who have worked on dozens of entellitrak deployments. Ophelia was the first person to earn the entellitrak Certified Developer badge.

“I blocked my calendar as soon as the pilot program was announced,” says Ophelia. “The Core entellitrak team has been steadily moving the platform forward in recent years, and best practices have changed along the way. The certification program really brought it all together in ways that I could immediately apply.” 

Isabelle echoed these sentiments. “When you’re heads-down on a multi-year project, there’s a risk of relying on old habits and missing the direction the platform is going in,” said Isabelle. “The platform has really evolved in the last few years.”

For MicroPact Global Alliance partners, the certification program can slash their developers’ time to proficiency on entellitrak, which can drive down implementation costs. Software Developer Daniel De Souza of Chainbridge Solutions is the first partner programmer to take advantage of the program, after building personnel security solutions on entellitrak for close to a year.

“MicroPact has really enhanced their APIs to facilitate application development. Tasks that were originally performed through SQL are now replaced with simple method calls.” says Daniel. “Without going through the certification program, I’d probably still be writing excess code and not leveraging these APIs and new best practices.”

Making the Framework Work for You

Like the many API enhancements, lookup tables, data objects, and design screens can’t be fully leveraged unless developers know how they work in entellitrak. For example, lookup tables in entellitrak are coded once and used repeatedly for searches, forms, dropdowns, and other functions. If a lookup field needs to be edited later on, it only needs to be edited in one place.

“The framework is there to make our life easier, but you have to understand how it works,” says Isabelle. “If you haven’t been properly trained, you may end up circumventing the framework rather than making it work for you.”

Ophelia concurs. “Sure, you can build working applications on entellitrak based solely on your Java and SQL coding skills, but you’re probably coding twice as much as necessary instead of using the components available to you within the platform.” 

Applied Learning

In addition to completing a series of online courses and passing a test, to earn the credential developers must successfully build an entellitrak application from scratch, according to a set of system requirements. The work product is evaluated on final design — and whether it was built according to the best practices taught in the program.

“You can read about how to do something, complete exercises, and even past a test, but once you apply everything you’ve learned into a viable work product, that’s how we know you’re ready to contribute to an actual implementation,” says Isabelle.

Chainbridge Solutions CEO Aarti Smith has encouraged seven more developers who work on entellitrak to earn the certification. To Daniel, the benefits are clear.

“As a team, we’ll be able to look at our coding practices and align them with what we learned. We’ll be more in sync with each other, we’ll be more productive, and our clients will benefit from cleaner, more robust applications.”

Contact us to learn more about the entellitrak Certified Developer program.

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Michelle LaLumia was a member of the marketing team with MicroPact from 2016 - 2018.