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entellitrak Contracts Management System: A Proven Solution

Ensuring Stress Free Cross Departmental Communication

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By: Rebecca Leeds

October 17, 2012 | Inside MicroPact

No matter what industry, no matter what location, and in companies of all sizes; the communication between departments and necessary exchange of information can be a cumbersome and trying issue. Accounting needs pricing information and charge accounts, Project Managers need requirements and scope documents, Buyers need specifications of equipment, and everyone is reliant on the other parties to transfer the information so each can successfully complete their portion of the process.

CMS (Contracts Management System) is MicroPact's internal system for contract management. CMS is a custom application built on MicroPact's entellitrak platform. CMS provides communications across departments that are both efficient and effective. From the moment a new contract or modification is signed all associated departments are notified.  A new contract is created in CMS which sends an alert to the Accounting team, the Project Manager, the support staff and to the contracts department. Further, the system is smart enough to know when notification to all departments is not necessary and can transfer to only those who need the relevant information.

  • Accounting can immediately pull the contract or modification and enter the information in their financial and timekeeping systems.
  • The Project Manager can review the contract scope, select available employees to authorize access to the account, and begin contacting the customer to schedule activities.
  • Product support can prepare the servers for the new assignment and the buyers can begin sending their bids for whatever equipment is necessary.

The process continues through the life of the contract as Accounting is notified through the system when monthly status reports are available for viewing.

  • Accounting can load profit analysis information for the Project Manager to view.
  • Project Managers can continue to update their resources and manage their contracts knowing that the appropriate personnel are notified of the updates.
  • As the contract reaches expiration notification is sent to contracts for renewal updates and appropriate action can be taken.

This last month tested the capability and efficiency of the CMS software. September is the government fiscal year end and results in a heavy transfer of contracts and modifications. Last month alone 75 of our maintenance and hosting services were up for renewal. The Contracts Department was able to follow-up with the customers to get the renewals signed and in place. Accounting was able to keep up with the volume and successfully create and send invoices. Product Support was able to continue to provide services without interruption. Another 15 new contracts were added and the Professional Services team was equipped with the information they needed to proceed. Staff was selected to work on the contracts and they were immediately provided access to the accounts necessary to track their time and expenses. Everything fell into place and nothing was missed. This process would not have run as smoothly without the ability to search through all contracts and modifications by date, to search specifically by customer, or to pull a specific contract by account number. CMS provides all of these features to us. It is not necessary to search through thousands of pages of contracts and modifications looking for pertinent details; the system requires brief descriptions of new contracts or modifications so time is not wasted. After years of working for companies with missing contracts, disorganization and combativeness between departments, and absolute audit nightmares…CMS has opened my eyes to entirely new and better way of doing business.

About the Author

Rebecca Leeds was a member of the Accounting Team with MicroPact from 2011 - 2013.