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entellitrak's Most Powerful Feature – Versatility

A Tech Writer’s Perspective

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By: Scott Hicks

December 11, 2012 | Case Management/BPM

Over the last 15 years, I’ve worked for several companies who have produced case management and business process management (BPM) software. In each case, the company’s focus was on one specific process: performance reviews, auditing, task management, proposals, user profiles, or one thing or another.

Then last June, I started working at MicroPact.

The difference between MicroPact’s entellitrak software and others is that it doesn’t manage and track just one specific process; it can manage just about everything and anything. It’s the most configurable tracking and managing software I’ve ever seen.

Here are a few examples of the near endless configurability of entellitrak:

USAID Food for Peace

I’ve helped write the requirements for USAID Food for Peace (USAID FFP), who will use entellitrak to manage the flow of food from the United States to over 150 countries.

Sometimes the obvious smacks you in the face after you learn about it: distributing food across the globe is beyond complex, requiring scores of processes. entellitrak incorporates all those USAID FFP processes so they can manage the food pipeline from initial aid proposals to distribution. They will monitor the dollars allocated and spent as food is shipped, stored, and delivered to countries all over the world. 

Managing EEO Complaints at the Department of Energy

The Department of Energy (DOE) uses ICOMPLAINTS to manage their EEO complaint processing. I’ve written ICOMPLAINTS report requirements for the DOE. The reports show key statistics and timestamps that enable the DOE to track the progress of their cases. 

Although the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) sets guidelines for complaint procedures, many agencies have internal processes and nuances specific to them. ICOMPLAINTS has proven to be fully adaptable to suit their needs. 

Labor Relations

I’ve co-written the entellitrak Labor Relations (LR) system application accelerator template, a basic specifications template showing what entellitrak can do for LR processes. Our clients use it as a first step to helping us customize a system that suits their needs.

As I researched multiple clients, I discovered that no two LR processes are alike (big surprise, right?). Clients use entellitrak’s tracking system to accommodate their own terminology and processes. During an LR case, a lot of soft and hard paper is exchanged which translates into tons of data. Customers rely on entellitrak to safely record, store, and retrieve that data. entellitrak helps prevent cost overruns, delays, and other adverse effects.

This blogpost does not even begin to touch upon the versatility that entellitrak brings to the table. While there are many nuances to each process that a client brings to us, the flexibility and configurability of the entellitrak platform lends itself to be able to handle each and every one.

About the Author

Scott Hicks is currently a Technical Content Writer with MicroPact.