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FDA Signs with MicroPact to Automate Case Management Solutions

MicroPact's entellitrak makes it easy to access, track and report data

August 23, 2006 | Company NewsCase Management/BPMFederal Solutions

HERNDON, VA — August 23, 2006 — MicroPact Engineering, Inc. (www.micropact.com) of Herndon, VA, announced today that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has signed a contract to implement MicroPact's entellitrak Reasonable Accommodation (RA) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) case management software. Keeping track of accommodation requests, disputes and resolutions, and all the communication involved in each has been a tedious paper process for the FDA – and most federal agencies – until now.

entellitrak Reasonable Accommodation (RA) Edition makes laborious manual counting a task of the past

When an employee submits a request for a reasonable accommodation – whether it's for wheelchair accessibility or a supportive chair for a bad back – HR personnel can immediately enter into the system all coordinating data related to the request, including medical background information and the cost of the request. If the request is denied and legal action is taken, all information supporting the denial is easily accessible in one place. And with all the data in the system, categorizing requests by type or counting and comparing requests – all of which used to be done manually – can now easily be done automatically with the entellitrak RA Edition.

entellitrak Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Edition makes it easy to track complaints, resolutions and follow-ups

When an employee files a complaint, the federal government encourages both sides to enter into mediation swiftly, before it becomes a legal matter. MicroPact's entellitrak ADR Edition will allow the FDA to automate what has been a cumbersome paper process until now. Complaints, referrals to mediation, resolutions, continued follow-up and costs can easily be input and tracked, along with names of the individuals involved in the dispute, interviewees, and any other persons related to the case.

"entellitrak Reasonable Accommodation and Alternative Dispute Resolution were designed specifically for government agencies, to meet their needs and requirements," explains Growson Edwards, Director of Business Development for MicroPact. "So along with giving the FDA the ability to track and analyze their data in so many ways, entellitrak RA and ADR also enable them to easily meet their federal reporting requirements. With all the data there in one place, it's just a matter of accessing the appropriate information and putting it into report form."

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