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Finding a Partner to Grow With

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By: Lisa Sigler

February 14, 2019 | Holidays and ObservancesPartners

Do you associate a happy relationship with growth?  “Growing old together” is a common romantic goal. Friendships can help you grow as a person. Some studies even suggest that happy marriages lead to growth around the waistline. And what about in business? A good partnership can lead to growth for both parties. That’s the goal of the MicroPact Global Alliance

In August of 2016, Gartner described the case management software market as “an $8 billion untapped opportunity.”  To capitalize on that market, the MicroPact Global Alliance works to build relationships with and train partners who can identify and win opportunities, and deliver solutions that are a good fit for entellitrak®.

Partners get more than flowers and candy out of the deal. The program gives partner organizations the connections, technical skills, and expertise to sell, configure, and maintain entellitrak solutions that solve real business challenges. Global Alliance Partner program members receive:

  • A Global Alliance manager to guide and help partners get the most out of the program
  • Sales tools and marketing collateral to better engage prospects
  • The classroom and online technical training necessary to ensure that users can capitalize fully on the power and flexibility of the entellitrak platform
  • A 180-day PaaS developer sandbox environment for five concurrent users, so the partner can become self-sufficient in developing and deploying entellitrak solutions

In any serious pairing, the relationship grows deeper over time. The MicroPact Global Alliance is a tiered program with four distinct levels of participation — Ready, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Each milestone and registered opportunity earns points, helping the partner advance toward higher partner program levels, benefits, and license discounts. 

The more a partner invests in the MicroPact relationship and entellitrak capabilities, the greater the rewards and discounts. This program has been structured so that partners can quickly become self-sufficient in identifying appropriate opportunities, configuring and demoing entellitrak systems, bidding on and winning business, and profitably building and deploying solutions.

Formalizing a relationship with MicroPact demonstrates to customers that an organization is dedicated to delivering the most innovative solutions running on the most flexible case management and BPM platform in the marketplace. 

Interested in “making it official”? Set a date with a MicroPact Global Alliance representative today. 

About the Author

Lisa Sigler is a Senior Content Marketer with MicroPact.