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Gartner BPM Summit 2013 - 90 Seconds or Bust

Business Overviews Presented by Session Sponsors at Gartner BPM Summit Reflect Trends in BPM and Case Management

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By: Emily Zasada

April 2, 2013 | EventsCase Management/BPM

The Gartner BPM Summit got off to an energetic start this morning with quick 90 second snapshot overviews of the show sponsors, presented by representatives from each of the sponsor companies.

While there is quite a bit of variety among the approaches each company takes in the BPM and case management space, there were three things that nearly every vendor highlighted.

  • Their applications can be run in the cloud
  • They have put mobile capabilities in production or on the roadmap
  • Their applications are simple, and easy-to-use.

So, it looks like scalability, portability and ease-of-use have become the baseline in this space—which reflects the  nature of today´s workplace.

Interestingly, only two vendors mentioned case management as a core capability, MicroPact and the company that was on stage immediately after us.

Here´s to a great BPM Summit experience.

About the Author

Emily Zasada was a member of the Marketing Team with MicroPact from  2013 - 2014.