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Changing Needs, Demands Shine Light On Role Software Will Play in Improving Service

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By: Dion Trahan

January 30, 2014 | Case Management/BPM

Healthcare is so personal because as a patient – or the loved one of a patient -- you are sometimes forced to confront some very ugly and real things. You may be forced to deal with cancer. You may be forced to deal with serious pain or you may have to watch someone you love cope with that pain.

For me, this all came to the forefront when I found out a family member had been diagnosed with brain cancer. I don’t disclose this for pity or even sympathy because everyone who reads this has a similar story of a loved one that has either fought or is fighting a terrible illness. Rather, I disclose this because healthcare has now officially become very personal to me.

The weeks following the diagnosis were an insufferable mix of learning all sorts of hyper technical medical terminology combined with trying to keep my emotions from spiking and dipping. Then there was the paperwork. Mounds and mounds of forms and documents.

We were in one of the best cancer hospitals in the state, yet the stacks of paperwork did not end. Not surprisingly, the paperwork was redundant. It was all managed by very compassionate and competent people, but the paperwork never stopped.

Before this experience, I would spend countless hours reading all types of literature on technology and medical processes because it was and is part of my job. Helping hospitals, medical providers and healthcare systems understand how technology can solve problems and save money is what my team at MicroPact does.

MicroPact’s entellitrak is a unified BPM platform that takes a Data-First™ approach to Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management. The enterprise platform is available with fully integrated escan, efile, Document Management, Natural Language Analytics, and Mobile modules.

By implementing an entellitrak solution – to manage insurance claims, human resources or program integrity programs – healthcare providers can take great strides towards reducing paperwork so that more resource can be put to use treating patients.

Educating doctors, providers and healthcare systems on the efficiencies an entellitrak healthcare case management system can bring to their medical organization is more of a passion of mine now than ever before. Improving the experience I just went through and am still going through feels like a calling to me now.

I believe that all healthcare providers and health systems want to improve the quality of care they provide. I know that innovative software solutions from a company with deep roots in case management will help healthcare professionals deal with the ongoing challenges and demands placed on them today and tomorrow.

I hope to share this passion for improving healthcare via entellitrak with as many professionals as I can at the at the 2014 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition, which will take place Feb. 23-27, 2014, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

Visit me and the team at booth No. 687 during HIMSS14 or click here to schedule an on-site briefing or demo.

About the Author

Dion Santana Trahan was Director, Healthcare & Benefits Solutions Strategist with MicroPact from 2012 - 2016.