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How Agencies—and Baseball Teams—Can Use Data to Drive Outcomes

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By: Andrew Crowley

March 28, 2019 | Holidays and ObservancesData and Analytics

For baseball fans, the first crack of the bat on opening day is the culmination of surviving the cold winter, the countdown to pitchers and catchers reporting to training camp, and the hope that comes with a brand new baseball season. The new season’s 162 games each represent a chance to collect data and achieve the best possible outcome. Government agencies can use case management solutions to leverage data for good outcomes as well.   

Setting the Lineup

Baseball managers rely on data to make informed decisions, particularly when setting their lineups. They aren’t, however, the only ones. Fantasy leagues and ESPN reports would not make any sense if they used different information. Similarly, a well-designed case management system provides a single, complete data set that can be used by agencies to make informed decisions. This reduces data silos and gives an accurate view of which programs are working best and which need work. It can indicate where investment is needed or where cuts can be made.

The Big Picture

Toward the end of a baseball game, sometimes a new pitcher will be brought into the game to face a single hitter. A manager is only able to make this move if he’s got the data that tells him that this particular batter struggles against left-handed or right-handed pitchers. This type of detailed scouting data, shared across the organization, is meant to do one thing – help the team win.

For agencies, having a platform that allows this level of collaboration is critical in achieving the best possible outcome. For example, Health and Human Services agencies frequently need to coordinate benefits for both individuals and families. Each member of the family may have different needs, so it is important that agencies have all of that data available to them and merged into one system, thereby allowing them to help maximize benefits.

Not being able to share data across your organization to best help customers and clients is like making the wrong pitching change, leading to a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the ninth. Yep, it’s that bad!

Good Stats

With so many sources of data available for analysis, agencies (and teams) should remember that the most important data that any organization can leverage is its own. Accurate historical data allows for better decision making across the board. As the baseball season goes on, a manager using his own team’s historical data will not only know how a particular opposing player fares against left-handed pitching in general, but specifically, how that batter does against the left handed pitcher warming up in the manager’s own bullpen.

With the entellitrak® platform, agencies and organizations can quickly harness and control their own data to drive optimal outcomes for customers, clients, beneficiaries, etc. Organizations looking at data about EEO complaints may see the need for new internal policies. Regulatory agencies that see a sharp uptick in a certain kind of licensing might consider making investments in that area. Justice and Law Enforcement agencies rely on shared data in order to solve, and prevent, crime. 

So the next time you see the manager waltz out to the mound to have a conversation with a pitcher and the rest of the infield, think of all the data that lead to that moment, and then, think about how MicroPact can help you with your case management needs.

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