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How To: Use Reports Module in icomplaints

December 1, 2014

There’s quite a lot that can be done in icomplaints by simply utilizing the software’s standard Reports, which are embedded into all icomplaints systems. Instead of using Search or even building ad hoc searches to create reports that you need to do your job, starting with the standard Reports can often save you time and provide you with all the data you need in a format that you can easily use.

Standard Reports are focused on 462 events that all agencies utilize. These reports are preconfigured with a set query and allow you to modify the date range as well as output to Microsoft Excel. Exporting to Excel format allows the report data to be displayed in numerous ways to aid in management and analysis.

Some of the report types that can be generated include:

  • Standard All Informals
  • Open Formals
  • Activity Summary
  • Hours by User

These reports allow management to quickly review a large amount of case data at a glance. If you need to create custom criteria and output columns of data that fit your agencies business process, ad hoc search capability allows the creation of virtually any data set.

For screen shots and detailed instructions on the Reports Module, consult the icomplaints User Guide or contact us via the email address your organization has been given for your specific support team.