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In Their Own Words—5 Reasons People Choose MicroPact

November 8, 2018 | Case Management/BPM

MicroPact has been serving the public sector for nearly four decades. In that time, a lot of people at a lot of agencies have chosen to use our case management and BPM solutions. We have built a business that now serves 98% of U.S. states and 97% of federal agencies with 500 or more employees. We enjoy a 97% annual renewal rate.

Those figures speak for themselves, but over the years customers and end users also have had some things to say about why they chose MicroPact. Here are a few reasons that people choose MicroPact:

Efficiency and Cost Savings

“The streamlined ACMS will enable us to expedite the appeals process and save time and money by more efficiently managing some of the largest welfare and social services programs in the state.”

—  Manuel A. Romero, Chief Administrative Law Judge at California Department of Social Services.

Watch a video about the Appeals Case Management System project here

Transparency and Program Integrity

“With entellitrak, we have greater transparency, access to real-time data, and tighter controls with automated system validations that ensure program integrity.”

— Chris Sell, Wisconsin Self Directed IT System, System Administrator

The Wisconsin IRIS program allows individuals to self-manage their Long Term Care benefits. Learn more.  

Out of the Box/COTS Solutions

“Many other companies wanted to build us products from scratch to our specifications. But MicroPact had products that were ready to go and could quickly be configured to USDA requirements.”

—  Maurice Thompson, Program Manager at the USDA at the time of implementation.

MicroPact helped the USDA streamline the resolution of EEO complaints. Find out how.  

Flexible, Configurable Offerings

“We needed to convert vast amounts of historical data…and required a system that could merge three complex systems into one. We sought an out-of-the-box solution that we could modify to suit our needs, and entellitrak has worked perfectly.”

—  Thomas Shepherd, Esq., Clerk of the Appellate Boards

The Office of the Clerk of the Appellate Boards (OCAB) at the Department of Labor processes 5,000 appeals a year.  Learn how MicroPact helps

A Great Partner

“[W]e need both a flexible case management platform and a technology partner who understands the intricacies of delivering solutions to government. MicroPact was the obvious choice.”

—  Jonna Ward, Chief Executive Officer of Visionary Integration Professionals.

VIP and MicroPact teamed up to help transform the California Department of Social Services. Find out more.  

A Complete Package

“We compared the benefits of updating our in-house system versus choosing an outside vendor. We chose the entellitrak Labor Relations solution because it is able to track all of the information related to grievances, from start to finish. It gave us what we needed in one complete package.”

—  Meg Sacks, spokesperson for CSX

CSX streamlined their grievance tracking process, reducing time and frustration. Here’s the story

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