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Internal Revenue Service Awards MicroPact with Blanket Purchase Agreement

Leader in business management solutions to provide case management application software

July 6, 2009 | Company NewsCase Management/BPMFederal Solutions

HERNDON, VA — July 6, 2009 — The Internal Revenue Service commissioner's office has selected MicroPact's flagship product, entellitrak®, to act as a standard platform across the agency for managing a wide variety of data and business processes. It signed a five-year blanket purchase agreement (BPA) on June 30, 2009.

The IRS will use entellitrak to transform business processes now supported by custom-built software from the 1990s. By selecting entellitrak, a commercial-off-the-shelf application, the IRS will be able to centrally manage its system data and business processes as well as streamline quality management controls and procedures for its data.

The agency's decision to establish a blanket purchase agreement came after it first purchased entellitrak in 2008. At the time, the IRS intended to modernize just four business processes with the application. Initial success led four to grow into 14, and then to an IRS epiphany that more than 30 (and counting) processes could be updated with entellitrak.

"They knew they had a repeatable achievement on their hands," said Growson Edwards, vice president of business development for MicroPact. "They knew it was going to be a long term relationship."
entellitrak is an enterprise-level, secure, thin-client data tracking application that enables data management, tracking, retrieval and reporting. entellitrak allows customers to take charge of their business processes using an easily customizable dashboard. Developed with an open architecture, it integrates easily into pre-existing technology environments.

"They're doing their own configuration and implementation. It's something they can do themselves, they don't need to be reliant on us," Edwards added.

Among the IRS business processes entellitrak already supports is tracking the certification of licensed tax preparers, allowing for continual monitoring of individuals' status. The IRS Whistle Blower office also uses it to track allegations of internal misconduct.

"MicroPact is privileged with repeat business from customers," said Kristoffer Collo, president and chief executive officer of MicroPact. "Agencies often find that after installing entellitrak or another MicroPact application, other parts of the operation find new uses for it as well," he said. "Agencies are focused on their mission and when we earn their trust by showing we can help them do it better, then we've truly done our work," he added.

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