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Introducing Caroline Miller, Regulatory Business Development Executive

September 16, 2019 | RegulatoryCompany News

Caroline Miller is a recent addition to the MicroPact Regulatory portfolio team. We took a few moments to discuss the winding path she took to reach her role with MicroPact—and the unique perspective it gives her on many aspects of the regulatory market.

Caroline Miller

Caroline Miller,
Business Development Executive

You have a fascinating career path. Can you walk us through it? 

Sure. I started my career as a licensed optician, in Toronto. I specialized in contact lens fitting. Eventually, I joined the regulatory agency for opticians. It was meant to be a temporary position, to cover someone’s maternity leave, but I ended up staying with the agency for thirteen years.

During that time, I was involved in, among other things, the continuing education/quality assurance side—making sure that opticians had the tools/training they needed to work to their scope of practice. Eventually, I became the Executive Director of the regulatory agency.

So you understand the regulatory space as both a regulator and as someone who held a license.

Yes, I see it from both sides. And, as part of my job with the regulatory agency, I started attending CLEAR conferences. CLEAR is the Council on Licensure, Enforcement & Regulation. I was taken aback by that many really smart people in the room talking about the innovative, forward thinking projects that they were doing—and that I got to be involved with, too! I started joining committees, was elected to the Board and ended up eventually serving a term as CLEAR president. So, yes, I have seen the regulatory machine from many different angles!

But that’s not all…

Right. Eventually, I moved on from there, and went back to school for a graduate degree in Adult Education. This really took me back to my time at the regulatory agency, where I was involved in continuing education for opticians, but it also helped me understand how to convey information to an audience by understanding how the adult brain works. I have leveraged that in my role as a public speaker. I have spoken nationally and internationally on topics related to professionalism and ethics.

Finally, I relocated from Toronto to Tallahassee, where I was working for the Florida Supreme Court for the last several years.  I am thrilled to be joining MicroPact and getting back to my regulatory roots.

What made MicroPact the right choice for you? 

I really like the idea of stepping back into the regulatory space, this time with a tool that is capable of making a difference. The entellitrak platform and our other offerings promote efficiency and provide tools that go across central agencies and multiple boards, letting the data talk to each other. MicroPact offers real solutions to sort out the problem of “too many priorities and too much information.”

Regulation can be a beast—it requires real management of time, resources, and processes. Our technology helps take care of that, so that individuals can get back to critical thinking, and doing the work that really benefits the public.

And that’s really important to you.

Yes. I believe in efficiency, and in empowering professionals. Don’t duplicate work. Don’t do data entry when you are supposed to be working on policy. Allocate resources correctly. MicroPact aligns with that message.

You have a lot on your plate, but what do you do in your downtime? 

As I mentioned, I have transplanted from Toronto to Tallahassee—and the only thing those two places really have in common is starting with the letter “T”! But one constant for me is swimming—I love to swim, and now that I’m in Florida I get to swim outside almost every day, which is great.  Shout out to my Canadian friends – We the North!

Stop by and say hello to Caroline Miller in the MicroPact booth at the CLEAR Annual Education Conference in Minneapolis, September 18-21.

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