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By: Christopher A. Flores

July 20, 2018 | Veterans Benefits

Whether you’re a single county Veteran Service Officer (VSO) or part of a state-wide Veteran Service Office, one thing is for certain: getting benefits into the hands of Veterans in a timely manner is the highest priority. However, managing the administration of claims can be a monumental challenge, taking much longer than expected. No matter the volume of claims being managed, having the right technology in place will allow for time to be spent engaging, communicating with, and better understanding the needs of Veterans and their families. If the Veteran Service Office uses outdated, slow, inefficient, legacy technology, then VSOs will spend more time managing bad processes, instead of getting benefits distributed in a timely manner. In other words, everybody loses.

It is estimated that there are approximately 18.6 million American Veterans of military service i, many of whom are or will be eligible to receive benefits during their lifetime. The demand for Veteran benefits services peaks twice: immediately following discharge and around middle age. Once discharged, the last thing a Veteran wants to worry about is a delay benefits owed for service rendered. Additionally, as Veterans age, understanding the full scope of available benefits becomes increasingly important. With an increase in requests for information coming in during these peak times, VSOs should have one solution that is capable of managing all aspects of communication. Attempting to manually connect communications, claimant’s information, benefit eligibility and other data in multiple solutions creates unnecessary bottlenecks and backups. 

Of all the technology options available to manage Veterans' benefits, only ETK Veterans' Benefits allows you to manage the administration of benefits all in one place. It enables VSO’s to run real-time reports on an ad-hoc or advanced basis, with full confidence in data output; something that other commonly used technologies struggle with today. To expedite your workflow, there are minimal to no delays in updating VA forms in ETK Veterans' Benefits; unlike other solutions, we do not hard code forms into the software – a dated and time consuming approach. Concerns over claim submissions getting rejected due to old forms being used will be a thing of the past. Additionally, the system can manage all aspects of outreach, making the administration of benefits easier for state or local VSOs, no matter the volume. 

ETK Veterans' Benefits is also the only HIPPA compliant, federally accredited, continuously monitored, FedRAMP certified, cloud hosted Veterans’ Benefits claims management software available.

If you are currently looking at replacing your legacy Veterans’ benefits claims system, be it for a single county or state-wide on an enterprise scale, please review our solution brochure. When you are ready to move forward, you can request a demo or contact me directly to discuss how we can help bring this next generation solution to you, to address your current challenges.

i https://www.census.gov/newsroom/facts-for-features/2017/veterans-day.html

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Christopher A. Flores is Director, ETK Application Sales at MicroPact.

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