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Introducing Rob Finlayson, Health, Human Services & Benefits Business Development Executive

July 30, 2019 | Healthcare and BenefitsInside MicroPact

Rob Finlayson joined MicroPact in January 2019. Formerly the Inspector General for the Georgia Department of Community Health, he has 26 years of experience in the administration and investigation of federal and state public assistance programs including Medicaid, Food Stamps (SNAP), TANF, and Child Care. 

Rob Finlayson Micropact

Rob Finlayson, Business Development Executive, MicroPact

Rob, your background in law enforcement, government, and technology seems tailor-made for your role with MicroPact. Can you walk us through it?

I started as a Cobb County police officer and field training officer. That job teaches you to quickly assess and understand what’s happening and to make a decision. When I eventually moved on to the State of Georgia as an Investigator, I applied that experience to learn as much as I could about the technology available to help me with my job. When I was working for the Georgia Department of Human Resources, Office of Investigative Services, I oversaw the project to upgrade the agency to laptops to prepare for Y2K using federal funding. After that, all of my roles have leveraged some of my technology experience. 

I implemented new technology for EBT to identify food stamps fraud. I also started the use of data analytics to identify and investigate public assistance fraud. While at the Department of Human Resources, I helped implement the state’s first browser-based case management system for Health & Human Services. 

After I retired as Inspector General, I moved into roles where I could continue to help government agencies implement the best technology choices to complete their missions.

And that’s how you ended up with MicroPact? 

Yes. I had been familiar with MicroPact for many years, as both a prospect and a partner at various times. I’ve always been impressed by the solutions, and I had good interactions with the team over the years. The longevity of many of the team members is also impressive. It means they work for a good company, and it also helps to maintain relationships—which I think is really the key to successful partnerships. And because I had known so many of them for so long, it made it very easy and fun to come on board.

How does your government experience help in your current role?

There is really no way to truly understand how government works unless you’ve worked there. I’m able to bring a lot of insight into the procurement cycle, and what’s really going on with the people we’re working with. I have been in their position, so I can see both sides. I understand the gates that government workers have to go through to buy a software solution. 

It’s really not as simple as them just writing a check. You have to understand all the steps, from the legislative through appropriations, all the way to how they pay the invoices. And you have to know who influences each step.

So, again, it’s about relationships.

Yes. It is important to get to know the decision makers, both the stakeholders and the influencers. You need to know who is responsible for the mission, his or her key staff members, and what are their worst pain points. What keeps them up at night. That way you can understand exactly what they need and why, and how to meet those needs with the technology you have available.

And what about when you’re away from work? 

My wife and I enjoy living in the mountains of north Georgia. We’re movie buffs, and I also spend time helping her collect and resell antiques. 

Rob uses his government, technology, and Health & Human Services expertise to help agencies identify and implement the right case management solutions. Reach out to Rob if you’re ready to learn more.