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Iron Data And Social Solutions Form Strategic Partnership To Help Public Sector Customers Manage Efforts To Outcomes

January 17, 2014 | Company News

NOTE: This press release was issued prior to the merger between MicroPact and Iron Data.

January 14, 2014, Washington, D.C. – Iron Data Solutions, a leading provider of advanced case management software for the public sector, and Social Solutions Global, Inc., the leading provider of performance management software for human services organizations, today announced a strategic partnership to harness the power of data to optimize cost-effectiveness and program impact for public agencies.

The partnership will focus on building the linkage between Iron Data’s Intelligent Case Manager (ICM) software case management and case processing tools, and program outcomes reporting from Social Solutions’ cloudbased Efforts to Outcomes: Extended Integration (ETO-Xi) software to improve public agencies’ visibility and understanding of program performance. The collaborative effort will convert data to intelligence to improve the allocation of resources and generate the greatest return on investment for the communities and constituents served by public agencies and their funded partners.

The partnership aligns with the Federal Government’s “cloud-first” and performance management agendas which promote a more innovative and more accountable government for citizens, as well as the recent Office of Management and Budget Memorandum, which prioritizes identifying lower-cost approaches to improve program results.

“Dataflow and information management are integral components to increasing efficiency and transparency at all levels of government, and these are hallmarks of Iron Data’s Intelligent Process Management (IPM) offerings,” said Shawn McCoy, Executive Vice President of Corporate Development of Iron Data. “Coupled with the outcomes measurement and performance management capabilities of ETO-Xi from Social Solutions, innovative public sector human services agencies can now access the solution they need to increase impact, reduce cost, and demonstrate responsible stewardship of public funds.”

“This partnership represents an unprecedented step towards ‘doing more with less’ in government while also applying ‘return on investment’ intelligence to human services case management programming. This is combination of compliance and performance management tools and is long overdue in the public sector,” said Scott Johnson, CEO of Social Solutions. “Working together with Iron Data, Social Solutions will be able to help public agencies more effectively utilize data to inform decisions, measure impact and outcome achievement and improve the lives of the individuals and families they serve.”

About Iron Data

Iron Data, LLC. is a leading provider of software for human services case management, licensing and regulatory systems and is used by the Federal Government and by 49 state governments. Iron Data offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, called Intelligent Process Management (IPM), that assess, improve, manage and monitor challenging operational process issues for clients in the public sector. Iron Data IPM allows organizations to focus on what they do best, while knowing that their most difficult data management challenges are being seamlessly handled by industry experts.

About Social Solutions

Founded in 2000, Social Solutions Global, Inc., creators of Efforts-to-Outcomes (ETO™) software, equips over 16,000 high-performing nonprofits, public agencies, donors and evaluators, with web-based data-tracking and outcomes-oriented case management tools to help improve results, simplify reporting requirements and improve efficiencies in delivering services across agencies and funding streams. Unlike traditional CRM and Case Management tools, ETO software was designed to help agencies improve outcomes, by identifying and scaling effective programs. The ETO platform is flexible enough to be uniquely configured based on service population and evidence-based practices models, without the need for custom development to make changes to the software as your organization continues to evolve. To learn more about social solutions visit: http://www.socialsolutions.com/