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Java developer builds and launches platform independent open source office suite in 30 days

Rapid Application Development Platforms Accelerate Success

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By: Bob Ragsdale

May 24, 2013 | Open ArchitectureRapid Application DevelopmentAgile Development

I came across an interesting article on NetworkWorld.com this morning about a Java developer that built and launched a basic open source office suite in 30 days. NetworkWorld reports that the app is “Called Joeffice, it works on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux as well as in browsers, according to the developer, Anthony Goubard. It includes a very basic word processor, spreadsheet program, presentation program and database software, Goubard said.”

So is Java an appropriate RAD for building an office suite? In this case, yes. Goubard notes that "The suite is meant for companies with specific needs," such as obtaining data from a Java library.

The reason I highlighted this article is that it illustrates how an individual or organization can really accelerate development with the proper Rapid Application Development (RAD) environment. It is also of interest because like the entellitrak platform, this suite is Java-based and lines up with our design philosophy that to achieve maximum interoperability, extensibility and portability across the enterprise, organizations should seek out platforms that are based on open standards, open architecture and platform independence. Additionally, when platforms are Java based it's easier to find developers that can contribute to development and maintenance, thereby avoiding vendor lock-in.

What Goubard was able to achieve in his 30 day experiment (which he meticulously documented here on YouTube) is quite impressive.

If you are looking to accelerate your case management and BPM system development, explore entellitrak – it makes rapid application development a reality. Alternatively, let us do it for you  with a free prototype.

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