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KMWorld Connects Case Management and Knowledge Management

Dynamic Case Management Gains Momentum with Publications and Analysts

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By: Bob Ragsdale

March 10, 2014 | Case Management/BPM

There are so many commonalities between case management and knowledge management, I’m a little surprised more of us didn’t make the connection sooner. Our Data-First™ approach to dynamic case management, like so much of what knowledge management aims to do, puts a premium on the information coming into a system, in order to ensure the quality of work being performed.

KMWorld, the leading resource for research and news about knowledge management, content management and document management, has been connecting the dots and embracing case management in recent months.

And they are continuing to report on how hybridizations of enabling technologies are making it possible for organizations to accommodate the unpredictable nature of business. As I shared with KMWorld Publisher Andy Moore for his recent white paper piece titled Making the Case for Case:

“The goal of case management is to create an optimal outcome to whatever case might exist. Case management is very information intensive, and it's about serving up the right information to the right person at the right time.”

The Perfect Definition

Andy, who has written about enterprise technologies for the last 25 years, immediately connected with our perspective on case management:

“Sounds like the perfect definition of knowledge management.”

Andy also shared his view on the ascendance of case management and the shift away from strict BPM:

“Applying case management to general business across the board and outside of the traditional contexts is a relatively new thing, and old habits die hard. Only within the last two or three years have people recognized the shortcomings of BPM, and customers decided they need something that was broader reaching.”

The possibilities (and applications) are seemingly endless when you start to consider what a dynamic case management platform such as entellitrak can do for an enterprise. Today’s digital business strategies call for highly integrated applications that optimize content management, data analysis and work orchestration.

BPM's Big Brother

As KMWorld points out:

“Case management is the big brother of BPM. It addresses the quirky, unpredictable events that often occur.”

Explore the entellitrak solutions section to learn more about how a dynamic case management solutions can be applied to all types of business scenarios, and how they can help your organization achieve its goals.

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