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Meet Sherri Eden, Global Alliance Manager

March 26, 2019 | Partners

Sherri Eden is a Global Alliance Manager for MicroPact, building relationships with partners who can identify and win opportunities, and deliver solutions that are a good fit with the entellitrak® platform. We asked her a few questions about her background and her role as part of the MicroPact Global Alliance. 

Sherri Eden, Global Alliance Manager, MicroPact

Sherri Eden
Global Alliance Manager, MicroPact

Have You Always Been Involved in Managing Partner Relationships?

I actually started my career in traditional media sales and marketing. My business development experience then led me to a role in which I promoted health system service line initiatives to combat population health risks.

In this role, I had my first exposure to how having a portal to connect an organization and its constituent base could streamline organization efforts, while improving the constituent experience and quality of life.  

Why Did You Choose to Join MicroPact?

I initially joined MicroPact as a Business Development Executive, pursuing Human Capital and Regulatory opportunities in the state and federal verticals. 

Through my previous experience in providing technology solutions in private and public sectors, I was able to recognize the quality of the entellitrak platform right away. Moreover, the continuous configurability of entellitrak prevents our clients from finding themselves with a legacy solution to replace down the road.

What Do You Like Best About Global Alliances?

Understanding my partners’ organization objectives and drivers, and aligning those facets with our organization’s goals, is the most exciting aspect of being a Global Alliance Manager. 

In my belief, our common goal is to provide superior solutions to the state and federal agencies who are serving the citizens of our country. As we are all citizens, in the end, we all benefit from those solutions. 

Furthermore, I like knowing that the solutions we offer ultimately improve society. For example, agencies who know our reputation because of EEO and ICOMPLAINTS have started coming to MicroPact seeking anti-harassment solutions. 

When we find partners to help us configure the best solutions at a feasible cost, we provide a vehicle to improve the citizen experience.

And What Do You Like to Do Away from MicroPact?

I believe in living with purpose through service. To that end, I serve as an Advisor to my collegiate Chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity for Women and serve on the Board of Cowboy Up for a Cure Inc.

If you are interested in growing your business by leveraging the experience of MicroPact, let’s get the conversation started