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MicroPact 2012 Year in Review

Growson Edwards, Senior Vice President, Business Development

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By: Growson Edwards

January 24, 2013 | Inside MicroPact

As we head into 2013, it is important to pause and look back at 2012. It was a year of growth and accomplishment at MicroPact. We celebrated the company’s 15th anniversary, added nearly 50 employees and achieved a number of significant operational milestones. As part of our retrospective we’d like to share with you a multi-part series of interviews with the leaders of MicroPact. They’ll share with us their accomplishments in 2012, and their goals for the new year, as well as the obligatory New Year’s resolution both personal and corporate.

The sales and business development teams at MicroPact have grown substantially in 2012. How are these teams now organized to serve customers and interface with the market?

We continue to see dramatic success in the federal space. Today over 200 federal agencies use the entellitrak platform. In 2012 we received 72 new contract awards across 38 different agencies. This success is driven by having Business Development team members who are experts in the agencies they are working with. This success was also driven by the expansion of our partner team. MicroPact partners have a partner manager to engage with in coordinating sales and marketing strategies for their target agencies. We have also integrated our partner team and our business development team to ensure they are not competing with each other and are working together to successfully win new business.

MicroPact serves more than 200 agencies across the federal government including every single cabinet level agency. How do you explain MicroPact’s perennial success in serving the public sector?

Honestly I think there are a lot of factors that go into this.  I have been with MicroPact for 11 years and I think there are a lot of intangible factors such as our culture, agility and dedication.   I wrote a blog in September called  The Secrets to Our Success that gives a little insight into this.  I think the biggest factors to our success has been 1) entellitrak is simply a great product; 2) Project success and customer satisfaction is our highest priority – we don’t let projects fail and that attributes to a stellar track record; 3) MicroPact has a talented and dedicated world class teams across the entire organization.

You have always been a big advocate of entellitrak's "No Bloat" approach to architecting the platform. Is the importance of this constant or is it changing as we go into 2013?

This is definitely a constant as we go into 2013.  There are always hot buzz words in the IT industry and I hear regularly that open architecture and open standards are considered the old buzz word and is an overused term.  But unfortunately many product companies don’t truly apply these ideas to their technologies.  Many product companies have proprietary system components that force their customers to be reliant on the vendor.   Open architecture and open standards continues to be important because technology needs to be agile and needs to have the ability to interoperate with other systems and technology.  Products that have proprietary system components don’t easily allow for this.  Additionally as customers become more sophisticated they don’t want to have to be reliant on a vendor.  Our customers don’t stay with our products because they are locked into our technology and into MicroPact supporting their technology.  They stay with our products because our products are agile and allow them to be empowered to manage the platform without relying on MicroPact

Your focus this year has been on growing MicroPact’s customer base in the private sector. How are the needs of commercial customers different from those in the federal government?

In many ways they aren’t that much different.  Both public and private sectors are interested in finding efficiencies in their business processes that will ultimately save them time and money.  Both are interested in technologies that are agile, flexible,  and can be integrated with other systems in their enterprise.  There are slight differences in how public and private sector justify and make decisions about their IT procurements.

What was MicroPact’s biggest win in 2012?

Hmmmm – there is a lot of competition in this category as we had several really big wins this year.  I will give you some of the big ones by category:

  • Federal Civilian – We won a large project at the IRS related to Tax Payer Advocacy.  IRS has been a large client for MicroPact for a number of years and it is exciting to see IRS continue to select entellitrak for additional large program needs.
  • Federal Defense – we won a large project with DoD Civilian Personnel Management Services (CPMS) for an investigations management system.  Not only did CPMS select our entellitrak platform for their case management needs in this project but they also selected entellidoc to support the document/content management requirements.
  • Federal Healthcare – The VA selected entellitrak to automate their Disability Benefits Questionnaires.  Automating Veterans benefits and health records is one of the top priorities and initiatives for the VA and we are excited the VA has selected the entellitrak platform to be a part of this initiative.
  • Private Sector – We have a big win in this category that I'm eager to share that isn't quite public information yet.  Stay tuned for a major update in the coming days.

Do you have a New Year’s resolution to share?

Sure – I have promised myself to compete in a Olympic size Triathlon this year – would be awesome if I could go up a level from that which would be a half-ironman.  I also promised myself I would learn to surf this year.

About the Author

Growson Edwards is currently the Chief Customer Officer with MicroPact. Growson has over 18 years of experience in developing sales and marketing strategies both in the private and public sector.