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MicroPact 2015 Year in Review

Dale Bird, Director, Human Capital Solution Strategist

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By: Dale Bird

December 9, 2015

2015 was a transformational year at MicroPact. MicroPact and Iron Data merged, our entellitrak product was recognized in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant, and we received four independent Great Place to Work awards.  As we look forward to 2016, we would like to review some of the highlights that brought us to where we are today. In this multi-part series of interviews with the leaders of MicroPact they’ll share with us their accomplishments over the past 12 months, their goals for the upcoming year, as well as the obligatory New Year’s resolution both personal and corporate.

Looking back on 2015, does any single Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) issue or report stand out to you?

I would have to say no. The EEO landscape is so multifaceted – it balances so many communities and workplace issues that it is rarely dominated by any single issue. Of the topics that we covered over the past 12 months, four do stand out to me as being at the forefront of the EEO discussion.

The first was a piece that covered Patricia L. St. Clair’s presentation at the 462 Symposium on EEO Workplace Trends. Patricia is the Assistant Director, FSP, Training and Outreach for the EEOC. I consistently point EEO professionals to this piece as it is important to understand where the EEOC is placing its priorities.

The next three pieces cover distinct communities of individuals – it is important that we take time to understand the unique needs of each and how we can best accommodate them in the workplace.

  • Vets Tackle Work, Challenges
  • Understanding Religious Discrimination at Work
  • Gender Stereotyping at Work

These four pieces provide a great foundation for our work as we move into 2016.

Were there any EEOC Related technology changes in 2015 that you see as having a long-term impact?

Yes, in 2015 the EEOC moved away from eFX for document transmittal to EEOC administrative judges. Document transmittal is now completed through the FedSEP portal. The response to this from agencies has been overwhelmingly positive, particularly as there is no longer a 55mb file size limit. In addition, the EEOC will continue to enhance the FedSEP portal to be a one stop shop to include analytics on EEO data uploaded by agencies through the annual 462 report.

What was the highlight of the 462 conference for you?

The people. I thoroughly enjoy interacting with our customers, furthering my understanding of the issues that they are facing and the needs of their organizations. The EEO community is large and diverse and no one individual can speak to all of the challenges and issues the EEO community faces. The 462 Symposium along with the icomplaints user forums give myself and the team the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of how we as an organization can better serve this community.

Where will you look for inspiration for the 2016 462 Symposium?

Again, to our community. 2016 will mark our 14th year of delivering valuable professional training and insights to EEO professionals at our annual 462 Symposium. In order to ensure that we continue to do that while meeting the complex professional needs of all attendees, we’re asking for members of the EEO community to propose speakers and topics for next year’s 462 Symposium. It’s easy to do, just draft a session description (maximum 500 words) including: background, objectives, outcomes, and proposed speaker or speakers, and send it to Daniele Gomes, Conference and Events Manager, by March 1, 2016.

Do you have any New Year’s resolutions that you would like to share?

As I single father, I often find I need to take more time individually with each of my children. I do things with them together and while that is rewarding, it can leave one child feeling like they didn’t get the full attention they would like. My goal for this year is to plan more one-on-one outings to stay connected with them.

About the Author

Dale Bird has managed product strategy, development, training, and support for ICOMPLAINTS, the MicroPact software used to process 90% of federal EEO claims, for more than a decade. He has been instrumental in fostering the company’s EEO user forums and community, including the annual 462 Symposium. Dale is a U.S. Army retiree.