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MicroPact CEO Shares His Thoughts on Federal Tech Talk Radio

Kris Collo Talks Looks to the future of Business Process Management and Case Management

February 5, 2013 | Inside MicroPactCase Management/BPMFederal SolutionsMobile

Kris Collo, MicroPact’s President and CEO, appeared today on Federal Tech Talk with John Gilroy to discuss BPM, case management, federal solutions, mobile computing, and the future of technology. The interview highlighted the work that entellitrak can and has accomplished at an enterprise level for the federal government. Much of the conversation revolved around the entellitrak Background Investigation application accelerator that has helped one federal agency reduce investigation times from 189 to 44 days. The conversation then turned to the Veterans Administration and how entellitrak has helped streamline the medical claims process for our veterans. These are just two of the many topics that Collo and Gilroy covered in this fast flowing conversation.

The full interview is available on the Federal News Radio website.