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MicroPact Releases Natural Language Analytics Module for entellitrak Case Management Platform at Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013

Advanced Analytics Tool Empowers Front-Line Knowledge Workers With Real-Time Reports and Data-Rich Graphics

October 7, 2013 | Company NewsCase Management/BPM

GARTNER SYMPOSIUM/ITxpo, Orlando, FL., October 7, 2013 – MicroPact today announced the release of Natural Language Analytics for entellitrak from Gartner Symposium/ITxpo 2013.

The Natural Language Analytics module, which builds on entellitrak’s Data-First™ approach to case management, puts self-service business intelligence in the hands of front-line workers and management so they can make informed, real-time decisions.

“Our mission is to empower large-scale enterprises to deliver improved outcomes based on critical data, collaboration and guided decision making,” said Kris Collo, CEO, President and Founder of MicroPact. “The premise of our Natural Language Search is that you have a business question. You should be able to type that question in using natural language, get a visualized answer, and then continue to refine and filter a continuous chain of thought to get to the answer you want to so that you can actually make a decision – in real-time.”

As a dynamic case management platform, entellitrak focusses on the capture and management of accurate data in support of the digital enterprise. entellitrak’s Document Management, Mobile and now Natural Language Analytics modules are fully integrated solutions that eliminate the need to rely on third party suppliers and software licenses for extended functionality, further extending the platform’s capabilities.

As the industry’s only dynamic case management platform to provide Natural Language Analytics, entellitrak doesn’t make users learn a reporting language. Instead, users can in Google-like fashion ask a business question and have their results presented with the best matching visualization. Results from entellitrak’s natural language-based searches also are more interactive. Users can continue to drill-down and filter the results on the fly. Results can also be saved as reports or dashboard elements for future use and sharing. Users are also able to add comments and collaborate with the team members on reports or specific data points.

“This solution is a real game changer. The ability to conduct self-service business intelligence and to simultaneously perform detailed analysis of one’s data on the fly is completely new to this market.” said Mike Cerniglia, CTO of MicroPact. “We are already engaged to deploy the Natural Language Analytics module at several enterprise customer sites including the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission and the Department of Commerce.”

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MicroPact’s entellitrak is a Unified BPM platform that takes a Data-First™ approach to Dynamic Case Management and Business Process Management and is available with fully integrated Document Management, Natural Language Analytics, and Mobile Modules. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, entellitrak can be implemented immediately and configured continuously, enabling customers to get to work quickly while keeping costs low. More than 200 federal agencies and organizations, as well as Fortune 500 companies entrust their critical operations to entellitrak.