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MicroPact to Support Utah’s Medical Cannabis Program in Partnership with Akerna

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By: Lisa Sigler

August 14, 2019 | Healthcare and BenefitsRegulatoryPartnersCompany News

Under the Utah Medical Cannabis Act, passed into law on December 3, 2018, the Utah Department of Health (UDOH) is directed to issue medical cannabis cards for patients, register medical professionals involved in prescribing medical cannabis treatment for their patients, and issue licenses for medical cannabis pharmacies. Both MicroPact and our Global Alliance Partner Akerna will be supporting this program.

Following the award of a new contract from the Utah Department of Health and Department of Agriculture, Akerna will implement its seed-to-sale tracking platform for medical cannabis, with advanced tagging technology provided by solo sciences, inc. MicroPact is responsible for the technology used to processes patient and caregiver applications, renewals, and payments while ensuring efficient registration and enforcement.

Utah is one of thirty-three U.S. states to have legal medical cannabis. As more states pass laws governing medical marijuana use, the demand becomes greater for systems to manage every aspect of these new programs. The Akerna solution, Leaf Data Systems®, will be used by Utah licensees as their primary cannabis tracking system for retail, wholesale, cultivation, and manufacturing. Leaf Data currently supports state cannabis program operations that generate $722-million in taxes, and has a global presence in fourteen countries.

MicroPact solutions are also used for multiple state medical cannabis programs. The state of Illinois alone relies on entellitrak®-based systems to administer two programs: The Illinois Medical Cannabis Pilot Program (MCPP) and the Opioid Alternative Pilot Program (OAPP). The OAPP allows certain patients to access medical cannabis as an alternative to opioids for pain relief.

The Utah program is mandated to go live by March 2020. Ten growers have been authorized to provide product for the program, which is estimated to supply 100,000 patients for the first year. Once the program is operational, registered physicians will be able to issue patient recommendations through the online, entellitrak-based platform. Patient registration cards will be initially valid for one month, with six-month renewals thereafter.

For more details on the seed-to-sale tracking platform, read the full press release from Akerna.

If you need information about processing applications, renewals, and payments for a medical marijuana or other regulatory program, contact MicroPact.

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