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From Platform Server Introduction to UX Revamp, MicroPact Transforms entellitrak Through Series of Enhancements

Distinctive Architecture Dramatically Accelerates Development of Public Sector Centric Case Management Applications and Products

February 26, 2019 | Inside MicroPactCase Management/BPM

Herndon, Va., February 26, 2019 – MicroPact announced today the release of entellitrak® 3.30, the latest in a series of rapidly stepped releases that provide powerful new product development capabilities to the low-code application development platform. The latest enhancements facilitate streamlined development and deployment while amplifying the fine grain control developers have over an application or product’s configuration, upgrade path, and user experience.

“From a development standpoint we are really changing the way products are built,” said Mike Cerniglia, MicroPact CTO. “Through the deployment of these new platform features and associated initiatives, not only can teams build customer-astonishing applications, they can now build full-on products using the entellitrak platform.”

The recent releases have included the following enhancements:

Service Bundles. Service Bundles allow application elements such as data objects, application code, plug-ins, etc., to be organized and packaged into logical, reusable units that can then be shared between applications in a highly modular and portable fashion.

Application Manager. The integrated Application Manager provides the ability to create, import, and export individual Service Bundles, as well as to deploy full entellitrak applications. Since the rollout of these two features, MicroPact teams have seen development times shortened by up to 50 percent. 

Platform Server. Platform Server provides all the necessary application server functionality for deploying, managing, and running entellitrak-based products in a cloud-friendly, micro-service architecture. By eliminating the need for a separate, third-party server, it substantially reduces complexity and cost for customers while ensuring system compatibility.

Enhanced UX. The totally revamped UI has a more modern theme with new slide-out menus and controls. Developers can also tailor the menu navigation both system-wide and for individual user roles to deliver a completely customized user experience. 

These major enhancements are just the beginning. “It’s a very exciting path we are on. These new features will make it easier for MicroPact and our partners to leverage our domain expertise in conjunction with the platform. This also sets the stage for two upcoming phases that will continue entellitrak’s evolution as a platform for developing products tailored to public sector needs,” said Cerniglia.

The first of these two upcoming phases is the rollout to MicroPact Global Alliance™ partners of the entellitrak product kit – a collection of patterns, templates, best practices, and training that make it possible to quickly develop repeatable, white-labeled products based on the entellitrak platform. In the last year alone, MicroPact teams have led the development and repeated sale and deployment of three such products: ETK Veterans Benefits, ETK Reasonable Accommodation, and ETK EEO.

The second phase is the public launch of the entellitrak Community and Marketplace to all MicroPact partners and customers. The Marketplace houses a collection of community-contributed, MicroPact-certified templates, components, and reusable code that can be leveraged in any new or existing entellitrak application to dramatically accelerate development.

About entellitrak

entellitrak is a low-code application development platform for case management and business process management applications. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, its Data-First™ approach allows it to be implemented immediately and configured continuously, enabling customers to get to work quickly while keeping costs low.

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