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MicroPact Unveils entellitrak Community and Marketplace – Resources to Fuel More Powerful Apps

Marketplace Tools Dramatically Accelerate Development and Create New Sources of Revenue for MicroPact Teams and Partners

May 15, 2019 | Company News

May 15, 2019, Herndon, VA. | MicroPact, the passion and technology that’s transforming government, today announced the roll-out of the entellitrak® Community. From low-code to pro-code, it features everything development teams require to create customer-astonishing products and applications. At the heart of the community is the entellitrak Marketplace housing a full repository of community-contributed, MicroPact certified templates, components, and reusable code that can be used in any new or existing entellitrak application to dramatically accelerate development.

“Our focus has been on making it easier to develop customer-astonishing applications—both for the MicroPact development team and for our partners,” said Mike Cerniglia, Sr. VP of Platform Technology. “The addition of the Marketplace to the entellitrak Community gives each entellitrak developer access to the all of best practices and building blocks that are optimized for the entellitrak platform – resources that accelerate development.”

The entellitrak® Community

The entellitrak Community is an application built on the entellitrak platform to provide a streamlined experience for accessing development resources. The Community has three key areas that provide developers with the resources to create the most powerful and flexible public sector case management products on the market: Platform, Documentation, and Marketplace.

The entellitrak Community

The Platform section provides access to the software distributions and relevant release information for the entellitrak platform, entellitrak Platform Server, and the Eclipse Plug-in for entellitrak.

The Documentation area provides easy access to all published guides for the entellitrak platform, entellitrak Platform Server, and associated development tools, and builds upon entellitrak’s live and self-paced training offerings.

The Marketplace is where the entellitrak Community really comes to life. All marketplace assets are community-contributed and MicroPact-certified; they range from templates, components, and reusable code, all the way up to ready-to-run entellitrak-based turnkey applications. 

These plug-and-play elements lower the cost of new development, ensure the use of consistent, modern code, and accelerate time to revenue for newly created systems.

The components available in the entellitrak Marketplace:

  • Speed development as much as 12x over custom coding.
  • Substantially lower development costs.
  • Accelerate time to revenue.
  • Guarantee access to consistent, well-vetted code, tailored to public sector requirements.
  • Are fully compatible with the core product and can be easily upgraded.
  • Deliver a consistent user experience across all new applications.

MicroPact Global Alliance program partners too can share, market, and sell their entellitrak-based components and products in the Marketplace.

“Our partners expend a great deal of effort when they develop new applications for their clients. Now, with the Marketplace, and by using the entellitrak Product Kit, they can configure those applications as products and resell them to other organizations,” said Brian Combs, Vice President Global Alliances. “It’s an amazing way to generate even more revenue from the work they are already doing.

A Culmination of Planned Improvements

The introduction of the entellitrak Community and Marketplace are the results of a strategic push to change the way entellitrak-based applications and products are built. 

Recent enhancements include Service Bundles, which allow application elements such as data objects, application code, plug-ins, etc., to be organized and packaged into logical, reusable units that can then be shared between applications in a highly modular and portable fashion.

The integrated Application Manager provides the ability to create, import, and export individual Service Bundles, as well as to deploy full entellitrak applications. 

The new Platform Server provides all the necessary application server functionality for deploying, managing, and running entellitrak-based products in a cloud-friendly, micro-service architecture. By eliminating the need for a separate, third-party application server, it substantially reduces complexity and cost for customers while ensuring system compatibility.

The entellitrak Product Kit bundles all of the essential patterns, templates, best practices, and training that make it possible to quickly develop repeatable, white-labeled products based on the entellitrak platform. It is a comprehensive toolset allowing organizations with entellitrak Certified Developers to create web-based applications, with a single continually upgradeable codebase, that can be remarketed and sold to an unlimited number of clients.

“We are transforming the way organizations build entellitrak applications,” said Cerniglia. “Each of these recent enhancements builds on the ones before. The entellitrak Marketplace gives development teams access to resources such as the Product Kit that will turbo charge their application development. We introduced Service Bundles to streamline the building and distributing of reusable assets—which can now be found in the Marketplace.  To make it easy to manage the Service Bundles, the Application Manager got a bunch of great enhancements, and like the rest of the platform, a nice new UX.  And for deploying applications, the entellitrak Platform Server continues to push out monthly updates making it faster and easier to deploy both on premise and in the cloud. These enhancements represent a ton of great innovation for the Community and by the Community.

About entellitrak

entellitrak is a low-code application development platform for case management and business process management. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, its Data-First™ approach allows it to be implemented immediately and configured continuously, enabling clients to get to work quickly while keeping costs low. About MicroPact 

For more than four decades, MicroPact has focused on delivering powerful, adaptive, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions to the public sector. Today MicroPact solutions serve 98% of U.S. states, 97% of federal agencies with 500 or more employees, and enjoy a 97% annual renewal rate. MicroPact, the passion and technology that’s transforming government.

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