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MicroPact's entellitrak Brings All-New Flexibility to HR Web-Based Tracking

Human Resource professionals can track, retrieve, and report data with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and ease of use

June 26, 2006 | Company News

HERNDON, VA — June 26, 2006 — MicroPact Engineering Inc. (www.micropact.com) of Herndon, VA, announces the recent release of entellitrak, a highly flexible, user-friendly, easily configurable web-based tracking software for government agencies and mid-to-large size companies. With entellitrak, Human Resource professionals will be able to track, retrieve, and report data with unprecedented speed, efficiency, and ease of use.

"entellitrak is unique in that it can easily be configured by each HR department to their own specific needs," explains Kris Collo, President of MicroPact. "HR professionals are not programmers, and with entellitrak, they don't need to be. We call it 'no-code customization,' because you can tailor the software using 'point and click' options rather than custom software programming. The software is so easy to use that non-technical customers can make those changes on their own at any time."

entellitrak is designed to be easy to learn, becoming second nature in just a few weeks. entellitrak's focus on vertical markets means that much of the user's needed terminology and business rules are already in place. When changes do need to be made – including business rules or screen changes – they can be completed quickly and easily in-house, without needing custom software development.

"The idea for entellitrak actually came from our current customers," explains Growson Edwards, Director of Business Development. "They were frustrated with the cumbersome process required to make changes in any software they were using. There was nothing on the market that gave them the flexibility they wanted. "

So MicroPact went to work designing such a product, using customer input to outline the features that users needed. MicroPact is confident that entellitrak meets the parameters for flexibility and ease of use that were so badly needed in the market.

Ease of initial set-up, a quick learning curve, and the ability to make changes along the way make entellitrak an affordable alternative to customized software solutions. Users save in reduced implementation, development, and maintenance costs.

About MicroPact
MicroPact (www.micropact.com) serves over 140 Federal agencies and organizations through the development of advanced Data Tracking and Management software. With products and platforms that can be implemented immediately and configured continuously, MicroPact enables customers to get to work quickly while keeping costs low. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, MicroPact products scale from the local office to the enterprise giving everyone in the organization the ability to accurately capture, track and report on the data that drive operations forward.

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