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NASCIO’s State CIO Top Ten Priorities

Secure Digital Delivery of Citizen Services More Important than Ever

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By: Bob Ragsdale

December 18, 2018 | Cloud ComputingPrivacy and SecurityIT ModernizationCase Management/BPM

The National Association of State CIOs (NASCIO) recently published their annual list of State CIO Top 10 Priority Strategies, Management Processes and Solutions. While there generally aren’t dramatic differences on a year to year basis, over time trends do emerge. 

The Top Three

Since 2012 the top three priorities have remained the same. The only change has been the order: 

  • Security and Risk Management has worked its way to the top
  • Cloud Services is back in second place, after falling to third last year
  • Consolidation/Optimization began at the top in 2012 and is now in the third position

Taken as a whole, efficiency and security are perennial priorities.

Moving Up

In a blog post immediately following the 2017 NASCICO Mid-Year conference, I noted that the year’s Top 10 list did not reflect what a hot topic Online Citizen Services had been at the event. State governments are very much in the services business, and the CIOs that we spoke with at the time felt that far more needed to be done online in order to effectively deliver citizen services.

Fast forward to today. Two priorities that first appeared in last year’s list have moved up to the number four and five positions, to deliver on that need for online service:

  • Digital government (a framework for digital services; portal; improving citizen experience; accessibility; identity management)
  • Broadband/Wireless Connectivity (strengthening statewide connectivity; implementing broadband technology opportunities)

New for 2019

In this year’s number seven and ten slots are two items that actually relate to the top priority, Security & Risk Management:

  • Customer Relationship Management (building customer agency confidence, trust and collaboration; internal customer service strategies; service level agreements)
  • Identity and Access Management (access control; authentication; credentialing; digital standards; single sign-on for citizen services; federated solutions)

Maintaining a secure posture that builds confidence as organizations deliver enhanced citizen services is no small challenge. I expect to see these points increase in importance as we move forward.

Off The List

As Consolidation/Optimization has moved down the stack, the related areas of Agile and Incremental Software Delivery, and Legacy Modernization, have dropped off completely. From my conversations with state IT leaders, I have gathered that these areas are no less important than they previously were, it’s just that organizations have a much better handle now on how to execute them and as such, their activities are largely encompassed within the Consolidation/Optimization category.

Bring-on the Mid-year

While it’s wonderful having a NASCIO Top 10 list in hand as the year draws to a close, it doesn’t really measure-up to the first-hand conversations that can be had at the annual mid-year conference. While I will have to wait until May for that, at least it is nearby this year at National Harbor, Maryland. If however you would like to have a conversation now about how MicroPact can help with your organization’s IT priorities, drop me a line.

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