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New entellitrak Product Kit for Partners Shortens Time to Revenue

Comprehensive Toolset Speeds Development and Roll-out of Tailored Case Management Applications

April 2, 2019 | Company NewsCase Management/BPMOpen Architecture

Herndon, Va., April 2, 2019 – MicroPact, the passion and technology that’s transforming government announced today the formal rollout of the entellitrak® Product Kit – a collection of patterns, templates, best practices, and training that make it possible to quickly develop repeatable, white-labeled products based on the entellitrak platform. The Product Kit advances entellitrak’s evolution as a platform for creating products tailored to public sector needs. This gives MicroPact partners the means to expand their offerings quickly.

“With the entellitrak Product Kit MicroPact Global Alliance partners can now build full-on products with entellitrak,” said Mike Cerniglia, Senior Vice President, Platform Technology. “This comprehensive toolset makes it possible for organizations with entellitrak Certified Developers to create web-based applications, with a single continually upgradeable codebase, that can be remarketed and sold to an unlimited number of clients.”

The entellitrak Product Kit is the latest enhancement to the low-code application development platform’s development ecosystem. It builds upon the recent introduction of service bundles, the integral application manager, and platform server releases.

Developers who are familiar with the structure and capabilities of entellitrak, and who have hands-on experience using it to build applications, will have no problem moving into a full product development role when they leverage the full suite of features and efficiencies of the kit. The entellitrak Product Kit is composed of:

  • The entellitrak platform
  • The Product Kit baseline case management template
  • A structured development process
  • A comprehensive development guide and training program

The kit’s baseline case management template contains more than two dozen components and developer utilities. These are designed to speed development. They also ensure that all development progresses in such a way that the product and the underlying entellitrak platform may be upgraded, independently of each other, at any time. This new, streamlined development process also makes it possible to configure client-specific information tracking enhancements during implementation without impacting the product’s upgradability.

The benefits of fast, flexible development are not limited to MicroPact partners. In the process of creating the entellitrak Product Kit, MicroPact teams developed and are now selling and deploying three new products: 

  • ETK EEO, the next generation of ICOMPLAINTS, a product which processes 90% of federal EEO claims annually
  • ETK Veterans Benefits, which has been rapidly securing customers since its Q3 2018 release
  • ETK Reasonable Accommodation – the latest ETK addition

While all new entellitrak Product Kit offerings developed by MicroPact will carry the “ETK” designation, Global Alliance partners are encouraged to brand the products they create in any manner that best suits their business objectives.

“The entellitrak Product Kit gives our partners a shortcut to new sources of revenue by making it faster and easier for them to develop new products,” said Brian Combs, Vice President Global Alliances. “By using the kit, MicroPact Global Alliance partners will be able to expand their product offerings and readily meet their customers’ specific case management needs.” 

About entellitrak

entellitrak is a low-code application development platform for case management and business process management. Whether based on-premises or in the cloud, its Data-First™ approach allows it to be implemented immediately and configured continuously, enabling clients to get to work quickly while keeping costs low. 

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