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Visionary Integration Professionals Launches Mission Critical Appeals Solution for the CA Department of Social Services

October 11, 2018 | Company News

FOLSOM, CA – October 8, 2018 – Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP), in partnership with the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) State Hearing Division (SHD) and the California Office of System Integration (OSI), announced the successful launch of a new statewide Appeals Case Management System (ACMS).

This modern, configurable technology solution will improve operations for the SHD administrative law judges and the support staff spanning 58 counties throughout the state. The goal of ACMS is to modernize case intake, scheduling, reporting, hearing, decision writing, and decision dissemination, thereby improving due process for individuals who appeal administrative decisions pertaining to public assistance benefit awards.

VIP, SHD, and OSI proudly announced the launching of this new solution on budget and ahead of schedule with the launching on September 17, 2018 occurring two months earlier than originally planned. The strong executive sponsorship and VIP’s agile/scrum approach to implementing this case management solution allowed this mission critical system to be implemented with an accelerated timeline.

Manuel A. Romero, Chief Administrative Law Judge at CDSS, said: “The power of outstanding leadership and incredible teamwork has resulted in ACMS becoming the pivotal tool that will enhance SHD’s ability to meet its mission of producing timely, legally correct decisions while at the same time also delivering excellent customer service to all our stakeholders.”

Prior to ACMS, SHD had to use 22 independent applications, some of which date back to the 1970s, to accomplish its work. One of the biggest obstacles faced by SHD was the manual scheduling of hearings for each appeal. SHD conducts hearings via video conferencing, over the phone, and in person in office locations across all 58 counties. ACMS now provides an automated scheduling capability that is configurable to meet the unique scheduling needs of each hearing location and case type.

To power the ACMS solution, VIP turned to entellitrak®, MicroPact’s low-code platform for case management. “As a MicroPact Global Alliance Partner, VIP has proven themselves as a powerful extension of our team,” said Kris Collo, CEO of MicroPact. “Their expert strategy and execution has enabled this system, ACMS, to set a new bar for how public-sector organizations modernize their appeals operations.”

“The leadership team and staff from SHD uphold their mission to serve the public with great passion,” said Jonna Ward, Chief Executive Officer of VIP. “It was a privilege and honor for VIP to modernize SHD’s technology through the deployment of ACMS. With this solution, CDSS will serve as the benchmark for other public-sector customers looking to transform their case management functions.”

Media Contact: Raelyn Sweebe
Visionary Integration Professionals (VIP)

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