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Optimizing Technology Partnering in the Face of FITARA

The Drive for Cost Savings Calls for a Refined Approach

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By: MG Karch

March 5, 2015 | Case Management/BPMRapid Application Development

Cloud, big data, shared services, data center consolidation -- the federal IT landscape is changing. Most of this change is a result of the normal and healthy technology evolution process, but a good chunk of it comes to us through regulation (FedRAMP) and legislation (FITARA). In either case, just as the technology landscape evolves, so too must the way we respond to it

One of the main goals of FITARA is to "implement a process for agencies to review their IT investment portfolios to reduce duplication and waste, consolidate acquisition and management functions, and increase cost savings.” In this environment, it is important to recognize that traditional task-order by task-order, labor intense, long-term projects are giving way to improved performance metrics, accelerated timelines, and year-by-year calculations of technology investment and cost savings. How the technology sector develops new business and responds to the demands faced by our public sector customers must evolve as well.

Forward-looking integration partners recognize that there are greater opportunities to be had by developing and deploying an increased number of moderate footprint applications directly where they are needed in program offices. This issue-focused, solutions-driven approach helps them quickly address agency challenges, and iteratively grow their engagements. The follow-on effect is that, now armed with a broader engagement at multiple levels, integrators have a better understanding of the agency's needs and are better positioned to respond to ongoing requirements. By fully embracing this approach, the technology community can be successful and demonstrate the vital role we play in helping to achieve the long-terms of FedRAMP and FITARA.

This type of partner also recognizes the advantages that the entellitrak® platform gives them in pursuing this strategy -- that this environment calls for a configurable COTS Rapid Application Development platform with a strong record of past performance. If you would like to learn more about how entellitrak can position your organization for success in public sector engagements, please reach out to our partner team.

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Mary Grace "MG" Karch is currently Director, Healthcare & Benefits Business Development with MicroPact.