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Relationship Building is the Heart of a Successful Partner Program

5 Ways MicroPact Global Alliance Managers Build Relationships with Partners

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By: Justine Glatter

October 8, 2019 | Partners

A successful partner program provides partners with everything they need to develop a flourishing revenue stream. At MicroPact, we help our partners succeed by treating them as a part of our own organization—that’s what it means to be a partner. Right? Here are a few of the things I do as a Global Alliance Manager (GAM) to create these relationships.

1. Understanding my partner’s needs
For a relationship to blossom, you have to get to know each other. For a partner engagement, I begin with an in-depth assessment of the new partner’s business. I have to dig deep to discover as much as possible about the organization. What do they do? Who are they? What kinds of opportunities are they looking for—and where can MicroPact help them grow?

The better I get to know the partner, and all of the individuals I will be dealing with, the better I can support them through all of their projects—whether they are sourced by MicroPact or by the partner. For each engagement, we can form the team we need to succeed together.

2. Introducing them to the rest of the family
As a GAM, I act as the initial point of contact for everyone in my partner’s organization. It is my job to make sure that the right people are talking to one another from each side. At MicroPact, that means determining if the partner needs to be closely aligned with a certain portfolio (such as Health, Human Services, and Benefits or Regulatory solutions) and introducing the MicroPact team members responsible for that portfolio. It could mean hooking the partner up with someone from a certain region of the country, or with a certain account that we’re already involved with. I also make introductions to the delivery, infrastructure, and support teams.

Finding the right fit, and making the right introductions, keeps everyone moving in the same direction. It’s not quite as complicated as the seating arrangements at a holiday dinner, but it gets close sometimes.

3. Communicating regularly
Long-distance relationships are challenging, and that is just as true when the people working together aren’t actually in the same company. It is important for the me to stay in touch regularly with my partners in an informal way, just to check in. And it is also crucial for me to be responsive whenever the partner reaches out with a question or request.

Formal communication is also necessary. At MicroPact we schedule Quarterly Business Review meetings with all of our partners to review what is working well, and what could be improved, as we move forward with the alliance. We make sure our shared goals and priorities are still aligned, and make any adjustments that are necessary.

4. Staying in it together
Our partners occupy a unique space within MicroPact: they are simultaneously some of our most crucial team members and our most valued customers. Our partners have access to everything we use ourselves—whether that means marketing collateral, training materials, or even development resources like our Product Kit and Service Bundles

We train our partners well and we trust them to use our solutions and our materials in a way that honors our offerings and our brand. If we use it, you can use it too—so you can start to succeed faster. 

5. Having my partner’s back
A successful partner program is never One Size Fits All. It is important to provide the level of support the partner desires within the program level they have achieved. I am my partner’s champion within MicroPact, helping to coordinate support for demonstrations, meetings, marketing activities, and more. I connect my partners with the right people and the right resources, and that includes MicroPact leadership. My partner just has to ask—which is where that constant communication comes in.

The MicroPact Global Alliance Program thrives because we put so much emphasis on connecting with and supporting our partners. Building a healthy relationship with our Global Alliance Program members is the top priority for me because it is the best way to ensure that we all succeed.

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About the Author

As Global Alliance Manager, Justine Glatter engages, motivates, and equips MicroPact partners to win new business that leverages the entellitrak platform.