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State COTS Regulatory Solutions Enjoy Momentum

Configurability Is Key for Enforcement and Licensing

By: Tom Gottlieb

October 7, 2016 | RegulatoryCase Management/BPM

Visitors to the MicroPact booth (838) at Gartner ITxpo in Orlando in October will see something new this year: substantial real estate devoted to case management and business process management (BPM) solutions for state regulatory agencies. Since MicroPact and Iron Data merged in 2015, the company’s expanded portfolio serves 97% of federal agencies with 500 or more employees and 98% of U.S. state governments. Nobody has deployed more state-based COTS regulatory solutions than MicroPact — and that number continues to grow.

The Regulated Economy

Why the focus on regulatory enforcement and licensing? First, it’s a big, sprawling job. As of 2015, a quarter of U.S. workers need a state license to do their jobs — a five-fold increase since the 1950s.i That only accounts for professional and occupational licensing. Add to that banking and securities, public utilities, agriculture, healthcare, alcohol, education, and other businesses and you’ve got an enormous slice of the economy under regulation.

Second, it requires deep domain expertise. Overseeing millions of licensees across hundreds of industries, businesses, and professions requires highly configurable technology backed by decades of experience.  Multi-board, multi-license agencies such as departments of health or consumer affairs need an enterprise platform to manage dozens of programs, hundreds of license types, and potentially millions of licensees. They need an all-in-one solution that auto-checks applications for completeness, accepts online payments, and provides other real-time self-services that enable applicants and licensees to apply for, renew, and update their license information online. Even single boards need a public portal where people can look up license holders and verify their credentials, uncover any deficiencies, or file a complaint.

Hard-coded legacy systems aren’t up to the task. They often rely on disparate systems for licensing, exams, inspections, and enforcement functions, making it difficult to streamline processes and see the full picture. They can’t keep up with changing regulations, they can’t be hosted, and they can’t meet citizen demand for online services.

Modernizing to Meet Demand

These legacy systems are nearing end of life just as many state governments are consolidating operations to improve efficiency. Regulatory boards are prime candidates to share a common platform whether or not they are physically consolidated. Here are just a few states that have chosen VERSA Regulation, MicroPact’s enterprise-class workhorse used by more than 30 regulatory agencies to manage over ten million active licenses.

  • California Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) — Uses VERSA to automate the entire regulatory lifecycle and push as many services as possible online. The solution, known as BreEZe, manages 18 licensing entities under DCA, representing 125 professional and business license types, 2 million active licensees, and 37 million California consumers. 

  • Tennessee Department of Health — Uses VERSA to manage licenses and permits for more than 52,000 establishments, including restaurants, swimming pools, hotels, tattoo and body piercing shops, day care centers, and camps. Tennessee’s Department of Commerce and Insurance also uses VERSA to manage 35 boards and 120 professional license types.

  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) — Recently selected VERSA to consolidate records for several licensing programs, as recommended by the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission. VERSA is already used by Texas regulators to manage over 230 license types within 49 programs.

  • Florida Department of Education Bureau of Educator Certification — Recently selected VERSA to replace its legacy certification systems. This is the third state education department to rely on VERSA (joining North Carolina, and Wisconsin) and the fifth instance of VERSA Regulation in Florida, making it the de facto state standard for licensing software.

If any of these state regulatory challenges sound familiar and you’re going to Gartner ITxpo, stop by the MicroPact booth to learn more.

i Department of the Treasury Office of Economic Policy, the Council of Economic Advisers, and the Department of Labor. 2015.  “Occupational Licensing: A Framework for Policymakers.”

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Tom Gottlieb is Vice President, Enterprise Regulatory Solution Strategy with MicroPact

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