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Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance Awards Upgrade Contract to Iron Data

March 14, 2013 | Company News

NOTE: This press release was issued prior to the merger between MicroPact and Iron Data.

March 14, 2013, Washington, D.C. –  The Tennessee Department of Commerce (TDCI) and Insurance has awarded a contract to Iron Data to upgrade to the latest version of Iron Data’s commercial off the shelf regulatory solutions. Iron Data will provide the Department with an integrated licensing enforcement solution and a licensing portal. The new system will allow TDCI to better manage all licensing, renewal, enforcement and compliance activities for a diverse range of businesses and professions representing a wide variety of industries including cosmetology, accounting, contracting and real estate.

Iron Data’s Versa solution is highly flexible and configurable and is specifically designed to meet the challenges of integrating multiple, diverse regulatory programs onto a common enterprise application. Other benefits include 24/7 online access to citizen services, improved operational efficiencies with integrated workflow tools, improved information sharing with key stakeholders and real-time data access and reporting with powerful reporting tools.

The project is scheduled to be completed in 18 months and will be completed in phases. Our proven implementation approach is designed to speed up implementations, minimize client staff time and reduce risk. Iron Data’s implementation services include project management, business process change, full service data conversion, acceptance testing, production support, and system and end user training.

The Department selected Iron Data for a number of reasons including 20+ years’ experience delivering licensing and enforcement solutions, previous experience implementing regulatory systems for large central agencies, project staff with subject matter expertise that is unmatched in the industry, and a proven track record of success with regulatory projects of similar size, scope and complexity. “We have been a trusted vendor for the State for the past 17 years and we understand the Department’s requirements and complexity of operations. Our team will deliver a successful implementation and protect the Department’s investment, with ongoing product support and future upgrades. We have made a long term commitment to provide the State with continued value and success,” says Jim MacLaggan, Vice President at Iron Data.

About Iron Data

Iron Data is based in Washington, DC with seven offices and over 500 employees. Iron Data offers a comprehensive suite of solutions, called Intelligent Process Management, that assess, improve, manage and monitor challenging operational process issues for clients in two key verticals: public sector and transportation/ logistics. Iron Data’s Licensing and Regulation solutions are used by over 90 regulatory agencies, boards and departments across 34 states. Agencies of all sizes ranging from small boards with a single user up to multiboard umbrella agencies with as many as 1200 users use our solutions to process over 17 million applications and renewals a year.