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The 3 Best Things About MESC

Highlights from the Medicaid Enterprise Systems Conference

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By: Stephanie Kuhnel

August 28, 2018 | Healthcare and Benefits

The MicroPact Health, Human Services, and Benefits team has finally caught its breath after an exciting, invigorating MESC event in Portland. Reflecting on the entire conference, from the sessions to our conversations with agencies, vendors, and the partner community, we’ve narrowed down our three favorite things about the event.

  • Commitment. In every session and every conversation, it was evident that people are passionate about solving challenges and better serving their communities. Agencies are ready to invest time, energy, and funds in projects that will move them forward. They are moving to modular, modern technology not only because of regulatory mandates, but because of a real commitment to finding the best ways to serve our citizens. It’s that kind of passion that fuels the MicroPact commitment to providing the best solutions for this market. 
  • Collaboration. Everyone we met seemed to have a genuine desire to work together and share best practices. Because each state and agency is at a different stage of the modernization process, this kind of cooperation is particularly valuable. Similarly, partners and technology vendors are collaborating to provide more value to end users. The common theme is to work together to solve more problems. 

    Opportunities to share were part of the formal agenda; for example, the annual Poster Session gave everyone a chance to see and learn from programs from across the nation. That spirit of collaboration was felt throughout the conference. During the closing session, attendees had a chance to summarize the event in one word. It was no surprise that words like “collaborative” and “teamwork” were common, along with “innovation” and “passion.” 

  • CMS focus on data. Throughout the conference, attendees had opportunities to hear from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Systems (CMS) representatives. Much of what they spoke about focused on data—data quality, data usage, and data analytics. With data quality, the right use of data leads to efficiency and better outcomes. The MicroPact Data-First™ mindset aligns with this message, so it was great to hear it amplified throughout the conference.

While these were some of our favorite parts of the MESC event, the very best part was the opportunity to speak with representatives from a variety of agencies and members of the partner community. If we didn’t have a chance to speak with you, or to continue the conversation, please reach out.  

About the Author

Stephanie Kuhnel has over twenty years of executive leadership experience across multiple sectors, including public sector, technology, consumer goods, government, law enforcement, and education. In her current position she drives the strategic direction and fosters business development opportunities for MicroPact’s health, human services, and benefits portfolio. Stephanie has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and an MBA from Meredith College.