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The Many Benefits of Being Able to Modify and Share Information on the Fly

Sharing customized reports throughout a system is one way that organizations can be more responsive to external events.

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By: Emily Zasada

July 23, 2013 | Case Management/BPM

In order to remain competitive, it’s important for businesses to respond quickly to external events. And sometimes, it's the employees who directly deal with customers and/or purchasing decisions that are in the best position to decide how to create and format reports that illustrate the effect an external event has on a company.

For example, imagine there is a sudden increase in pricing from a supplier that affects a number of products sold by a hardware company with regional offices in multiple parts of the country. In order to gauge the financial impact, the senior management team asks for a report in a specific sales metric for each of the regions. The senior management team leaves the exact reporting format up to the regional offices, but wants the information from the reports to make a decision about whether or not to switch suppliers.

In a dynamic enterprise case management solution such as entellitrak, if a line manager at a regional office develops a query that illustrates the requested metric in an easy-to-understand manner, that same query can be shared instantly system-wide. “This bottom-up approach to enterprise level reporting saves line managers from creating their own reporting needs from scratch, and senior management from translating multiple reporting variants into consistent decision-quality information,” explains MicroPact program manager Michael Adams.

Additionally, the report format can be edited to account for any necessary regional variations in the data.

The ability to share and customize reports means that line managers can create and share information that will benefit an entire organization.

In a recent eBizQ podcast with Gartner analyst Janelle Hill, Hill states that one of the keys to building an event-driven business culture within a company is to build a more collaborative, "empowerment-oriented" culture.

Certainly, a powerful way to enable quick and accurate responses to external events is through technology that gives users tools that will allow collaborative sharing and on-the-fly changes. Creating and sharing reports is just one example of the type of feature that can drive faster, more accurate change in response to external events.

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