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The Value of Partnering in Technical Sales

How to Multiply Your Capabilities

April 1, 2013 | Inside MicroPactFederal Solutions

If you talk to ten different vendor companies, whether they sell to commercial customers or the federal government, you may get ten different opinions on their attitude towards partnering.  But the vendor companies that understand how to develop partner relationships and execute a partner plan will extend the reach of their organization by the number of partners that they have and grow your sales beyond what a direct-only organization can achieve.  Think about it: you can’t possibly hire enough sales reps, with enough customer contacts, to duplicate each of your reps that maintain multiple partner relationships that have multiple sales reps.

One of the characteristics of a successful vendor partner relationship is having common customer requirements and opportunity.  When the partner and the vendor have similar skill sets and are targeting similar parts of the customer organization, a multiplying factor kicks in – meaning that the skills, number of sales reps, customer base, and other assets are several times above and beyond what any of those single factors is for either organization on its own.

Let me provide you with a recent example.  MicroPact has many customers in the federal government and we have developed several  entellitrak pre-configured solutions around background investigations.  ASM Research – now a MicroPact Partner Program member – has a thriving security practice, a mature business development team, and deep government relationships as well. When we sat down together we realized there was a security-system-need-gap that we could fill if we were to jointly create a solution. What emerged was a pre-configured entellitrak Insider Threat Mitigation application. This solution draws on the experience and strengths of each of our organizations, and provides an economical way for agencies to meet the requirements of the recent National Insider Threat Policy issued by the White House. 

The multiplying factor I mentioned earlier has really come into play in this instance. Through our combined efforts not only were we able to create an application that chronicles incidents of dishonesty, deception, and the concealment of relevant information, but we are also able to jointly market it to government security analysts in our respective prospect and customer bases.

If you are looking to multiply your organization’s capabilities, let me know.


Charlie Rizzo has enjoyed a career in the sales management and  partner alliances fields for over 25 years and is currently Partner Manager for MicroPact in Herndon Virginia.