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Three Best Practices to Avoid 462 Reporting Stress

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By: Dale Bird

March 1, 2019 | EEO

Late winter might not be the time you normally start thinking about submitting your EEO Form 462 Report. But what if there were things you could be doing now to avoid the last-minute stress of the 462 reporting deadline? Here are our three best practices you can start today to help you breathe easier when the deadline comes:  

Consistent Data Entry

Enter case data in real time. If you’re waiting for one “catch up” day to do data entry, then any reports you run in the meantime will be inaccurate (and you may be rushing to enter the data, and thus more likely to make a mistake).  

Run and Validate Reports Early and Often

Don’t wait until the deadline! Running and validating your reports on a regular basis (at least monthly) allows you to catch errors and fix them without the pressure of the deadline looming over your shoulder. Then, when the submission period finally arrives, you’ll only have a fraction of the data to validate before you can submit. 

Get into Good Habits

Here are a few best practices within a best practice that will help streamline your process.

  • Check your standard reports to look into your data before running the whole 462 report. It’ll give you a chance to catch errors before the system does. For example, do you have all the Informal ADR entries needed? Run the Standard All Informals report and look at the ADR columns. If you have ADR Offered and Conducted but don’t have an ADR End you will have a 462 report issue.
  • Run all 12 parts of the report each time you want to run the 462 Edit Checks. Your data needs to match across the 462, and this will help you make sure there are not erroneous errors appearing.
  • Make sure you are running your reports with the right data ranges. This is a very common error, but the good news is that it is easy to avoid. If you are running the 462 report any time prior to September 30th always ensure the To Date is set to the date you are running the report. This will ensure you average number of days are accurate up to the date you run the report.

For more about these and other best practices, view my latest on-demand webinar, “462 Report: Resolve to Report All Year Round.”

About the Author

Dale Bird has managed product strategy, development, training, and support for ICOMPLAINTS, the MicroPact software used to process 90% of federal EEO claims, for more than a decade. He has been instrumental in fostering the company’s EEO user forums and community, including the annual 462 Symposium. Dale is a U.S. Army retiree.

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